Grab an Amazon Echo Show 5 for just $45 right now

Grab an Amazon Echo Show 5 for just $45 right now

Amazon pioneered the smart display product category with the original Echo Show, and there have been several new models since then (in varying sizes and shapes). The original Echo Show 5 was released in mid-2019 as a more compact smart display, with an upgraded second-gen model arriving last year. Now you can get the second-gen model for $44.99, which matches the previous all-time low price.

The Echo Show is a compact smart display with the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant. In addition to all the usual Alexa features, like streaming music and controlling smart home devices with simple voice commands, the Echo Show 5 has some functionality that takes advantage of the touchscreen display. It can stream video from Amazon Prime Video and a few other services, and some security cameras can broadcast their feed. There’s also a 2MP camera for calling anyone with the Alexa app, or another Echo device with a screen, with a built-in privacy shutter.

    This is Amazon's latest 5-inch smart display, on sale for $45 at multiple retailers.

This model is almost identical to the first-generation Amazon Echo Show 5, which was also frequently available for $45, but there are a few differences. The second-generation Echo Show 5 has a higher resolution camera (2MP vs 1MP), and removed the 3.5mm audio output that was present on the original model. That last change is a bit of a bummer, but in fairness, none of Google’s current smart speakers offer wired audio output either.

Amazon also sells a few accessories for the Echo Show 5, such as an adjustable stand that raises the height for better video calls and display viewing. The stand is available in three colors — black, blue, or white — all at the same $19.99 price. Sadly, the stand isn’t on sale like the Echo Show itself is right now.

If you don’t like Google’s smart speakers and displays for any reason, or if you prefer to use Alexa for communication over Google Duo, the Echo Show 5 is a good option at this sale price of $45.

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