Amazon Echo Spot is a Smaller, Less Expensive Version of the Echo Show

Amazon Echo Spot is a Smaller, Less Expensive Version of the Echo Show

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Amazon is holding an Alexa-themed hardware launch event at their headquarters today and has announced a number of new products. Likely as a way to compete with the likes of Google and Apple who are both gearing up for the holiday season, Amazon is not holding back either and has just announced a flurry of new products. The latest announcement is a device they’re calling the Amazon Echo Spot wish looks to be a smaller version of the Echo Show and will fit perfectly on your nightstand.

When it comes to Amazon’s Echo products, they seem to be trying to cover as many bases as possible. The company’s first Echo connected speaker was big, expensive and high quality for 2014. They realized that it would be difficult to get people to outfit their entire home with that product, so they released the Echo Dot. This was less expensive than the regular Echo and was also a lot smaller too. So not only did customers save money compared to the bigger version, but they could also fit it in more places.

Amazon took the same approach with their new Echo Show product as well. This was the company’s first Alexa-enabled device that also came with a big tablet sized 7″ touchscreen display on it. It has a lot of features packed into it but also comes with a $230 price tag as well. So to compliment the new Echo Show, they have just announced the Amazon Echo Spot for $130. So we can already see that it’s smaller and less expensive and that will definitely attract a certain type of customer.

Amazon says this new product combines what people love about the Echo Dot with the new Echo Show and we can see how that describes it perfectly. It comes with a built-in 2W 1.4″ speaker, microphone, Bluetooth and audio out thanks to a 3.5mm stereo cable. It also features a 2.5″ screen, offers free calls to the US, Mexico, and Canada and includes support for Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more. The device is available for pre-order right now from here, and will be shipping in December.

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