Is the Amazon Echo Sub waterproof? Does it have an IP rating?

Is the Amazon Echo Sub waterproof? Does it have an IP rating?

The Echo Sub is Amazon’s $130 subwoofer that you can pair with one or two Echo speakers to add powerful bass that the speakers themselves can’t produce on their own. The Echo Sub doesn’t have a long list of features to write home about mainly because it’s just a companion product to enhance your audio experience. But you may be wondering if it’s waterproof and if it has an IP rating? The Echo Sub isn’t exactly a portable device but it can be used near a pool or a beach provided you can supply power to it after all. The short answer, though, is no. The Amazon Echo Sub is not waterproof.


The Echo Sub isn’t designed to be used in the rain, the pool, or any other place where it may be affected, let alone be submerged, sprayed, or splashed with water. It may be best to keep it away from humidity and moisture too. The fact that the Echo Sub is not waterproof doesn’t come as a surprise, though. We say that because none of the Echo speakers on the market right now are waterproof.

Unlike some other Echo speakers, the Echo Sub isn’t exactly a portable device either. It weighs more than 4Kgs (which is roughly 9lbs), and it’s also a lot bigger than, say, an Echo Dot which can be used inside bathrooms with the right accessories. As a subwoofer, the Echo Sub is also known to work better when placed on the floor. We don’t recommend placing it on a table or the vanity shelf unless it’s heavy enough to not rattle or move when the subwoofer vibrates. Another important thing to note about the Echo Sub is that you’ll also have to carry an Echo speaker to use the Sub, making it more difficult to use it anywhere outside your house, office, or studio space.

    Amazon is currently offering bundles of the Echo Sub which includes either two Echo Dot or two regular Echo speakers for a complete setup.

If you’re looking for an alternative speaker with powerful bass and great audio output, we recommend picking up something like the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3. The best thing about this particular speaker is that it’s portable, it works wirelessly over Bluetooth, and it’s also waterproof, meaning you can take it with you to a pool or a beach.

    The UE Megaboom 3 is a great alternative to the Echo Sub that works wirelessly and is also waterproof.

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