Amazon UK’s summer sale is the perfect time to score big discounts on Amazon Echo speakers

Amazon UK’s summer sale is the perfect time to score big discounts on Amazon Echo speakers

Amazon Prime Day isn’t until mid-July but that hasn’t stopped the online giant from putting out some early summer deals on its hardware. In the UK right now there are some big discounts to be had on the Amazon Echo range. It’s a golden opportunity to snag some of the best smart speakers around at some of the best prices you’ll see all year.

The highlight is a 44% discount on the Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen. While it lacks some of the smart home functionality and audio performance of its larger sibling, at its current sale price it’s a stunning buy. Better still is the bundle offer where two will cost just £45.98 with the code 2ECHODOT4 at checkout. The Echo Dot is a strong performer on its own, but pair two together in a stereo pair and you have an affordable, but good quality sound system.

    Amazon's most affordable Echo (that you'd want to buy) makes a great entry to smart home or an affordable sound system.

The Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen is also reduced, but at only £3 less than the latest model, it shouldn’t be the first one you look at. In addition, the Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen Kids Edition is also discounted if you’re looking for something for the little ones. The Kids Edition comes with a pretty bulletproof warranty and included child-friendly content, as well as looking like a panda or a tiger.

For those looking for a little more, the Amazon Echo 4th Gen is also given a nice 28% discount, with the possibility of a free Philips Hue bulb thrown in. The 4th Gen Echo is fantastic value at its regular price so a discount should never be ignored. It follows the same design as the Echo Dot, but the added size brings a three speaker audio setup with a woofer and two tweeters, as well as a built-in Zigbee hub. Alexa is the most likely smart home play with an Amazon Echo, but with Zigbee included you have the flexibility of adding local hardware, too.

    Packing impressive audio and a built-in Zigbee hub, the Echo can be the center of your home entertainment as well as your smart home.

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