Amazon & Flipkart Sales Festival in India: Best deals on smartphones, smart accessories, and more

Amazon & Flipkart Sales Festival in India: Best deals on smartphones, smart accessories, and more

Techtember has just wrapped up, and Techtober is underway. We have seen a whole host of smartphone and other gadget launches within the past month itself, and now, two of the biggest online platforms in India are hosting their sales festivals right before the upcoming festive season in the country. Flipkart Big Billion Days 2020 is being held from October 16 to October 21, with early sales starting on noon, October 15 for Flipkart Plus members. Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 is being held from October 17, with early sales starting on October 16 for Amazon Prime customers. Here are some of the best deals for smartphones, wearables, audio accessories, smart home products, and much more across both the platforms.

Flipkart Big Billion Days 2020

  • Starts: October 16, 2020 (Noon, October 15, 2020, for Flipkart Plus customers)
  • Ends: October 21, 2020
  • Platform wide offer: 10% Instant Discount on SBI Debit and Credit cards (maximum ceiling applicable)

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

  • Starts: October 17, 2020 (October 16, 2020, for Amazon Prime customers)
  • Ends: Not mentioned, but expected to last a month
  • Platform wide offer: 10% Instant Discount on HDFC Debit and Credit cards (maximum ceiling applicable)

Best Deals and XDA’s Recommendations

    Xiaomi Redmi 8A Dual

    The Redmi 8A Dual is a decent budget phone, perfect for basic use and for e-learning for children.
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

    Xiaomi's Redmi Note 9 Pro is part of the company's super-popular Note series, and a great purchase for everyone.
    POCO X3

    The POCO X3 is a new launch for India, but it is one of the best options available for the average consumer at a decent budget.
    LG G8X

    If you are looking to buy a dual-screen 'foldable', this is the absolute cheapest one ever with a Snapdragon 855 nonetheless.
    OnePlus Nord

    Even though there are no discounts on this, the OnePlus Nord remains an easy-to-recommend phone at a very good price.
    Google Pixel 4a

    The Google Pixel 4a is a new launch for India, bringing the best of Google's camera experience at a decent price.
    OPPO Enco M31 Wireless Earphones

    The OPPO Enco M31 sound amazing for their price (you'll actually be surprised!), and now they are even cheaper.
    Sennheiser HD458 Headphones

    Sennheiser HD458 are a good pair of headphones that are amazing value now that they are half the usual price!
    Sennheiser Momentum TWS

    Sennheiser Momentum TWS are a great pair of earphones which are now available for their lowest price ever.
    Mi TV Stick

    If you're looking to add some smarts with Android TV and PatchWall to your dumb TV, Xiaomi's Mi TV Stick is at its lowest price ever!
    Kindle 10th Gen with Wi-Fi

    The 10th Gen Kindle with its 6-inch display is now available for a good price, perfect to get back to reading.
    Google Nest Audio

    The Google Nest Audio mixes a great speaker system with the smarts of Google Assistant, and does a good job at it while looking great.

New Launches and Pre-Booking Offers

These are the new launches that we could find on both the leading platforms. Check out the individual listings for launch offers!


Sr. No.ProductLaunch Price / MRPPlatform / Purchase Link
1.iPhone 12 (64GB)₹79,900Flipkart
2.iPhone 12 (128GB)₹84,900Flipkart
3.iPhone 12 (256GB)₹94,900Flipkart
4.iPhone 12 Pro (128GB)₹1,19,900Flipkart
5.iPhone 12 Pro (256GB)₹1,29,900Flipkart
6.iPhone 12 Pro (512GB)₹1,49,900Flipkart
1.ROG Phone 3 (8GB + 128GB)₹49,999Flipkart
2.ROG Phone 3 (12GB + 128GB)₹52,999Flipkart
3.ROG Phone 3 (12GB + 256GB)₹57,999Flipkart
1.Pixel 4a (6GB + 128GB)₹29,999Flipkart
1.OnePlus 8T (8GB + 128GB)₹42,
2.OnePlus 8T (12GB + 256GB)₹45,
1.POCO X3 (6GB + 64GB)₹16,999Flipkart
2.POCO X3 (6GB + 128GB)₹18,499Flipkart
3.POCO X3 (8GB + 128GB)₹19,999Flipkart
4.POCO C3 (3GB + 32GB)₹7,499Flipkart
5.POCO C3 (4GB + 64GB)₹8,999Flipkart
1.Narzo 20 Pro (6GB + 64GB)₹14,999Flipkart
2.Narzo 20 Pro (8GB + 128GB)₹16,999Flipkart
3.Narzo 20 (4GB + 64GB)₹10,499Flipkart
4.Narzo 20 (6GB + 128GB)₹11,499Flipkart
1.Galaxy F41 (6GB + 64GB)₹15,499Flipkart
2.Galaxy F41 (6GB + 128GB)₹16,499Flipkart
3.Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (8GB + 128GB)₹49,
1.Vivo V20 (8GB + 128GB)₹24,990Flipkart
2.Vivo V20 (8GB + 256GB)₹27,990Flipkart
1.Mi 10T (6GB + 128GB)₹35,999Flipkart
2.Mi 10T (8GB + 128GB)₹37,999Flipkart
3.Mi 10T Pro (8GB + 128GB)₹39,999Flipkart

Accessories, Tablets, Smartwatches, Earphones

Sr. No.ProductLaunch Price / MRPPlatform / Purchase Link
1.Nest Audio₹6,999Flipkart
1.Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition₹1,
2.Power Bank (10,000 mAh)₹1,
1.Realme Buds Wireless Pro ANC₹2,
1.Mi Band 5₹2,
2.Mi True Wireless Earphones 2C₹2,499Flipkart
3.Redmi  Earbuds 2C TWS₹1,


These are all the discounts that we could spot across different categories!


Sr. No.ProductLaunch Price / MRPDiscounted PriceDiscount on Platform
1.iPhone 11 Pro (64GB)₹1,06,900₹79,999₹26,901 off on Flipkart
2.iPhone 11 Pro (128GB)₹1,21,900₹92,999₹28,901 off on Flipkart
3.iPhone 11 Pro (256GB)₹1,40,900₹1,09,999₹30,901 off on Flipkart
4.iPhone 11 (64GB)₹61,990₹47,999₹13,991 off on
5.iPhone 11 (128GB)₹69,990₹54,999₹14,991 off on
6.iPhone XR (64GB)₹47,900₹37,999₹9,901 off on Flipkart
7.iPhone XR (128GB)₹52,900₹42,999₹9,901 off on Flipkart
8.iPhone SE (64GB)₹39,900₹25,999₹13,901 off on Flipkart
9.iPhone SE (128GB)₹44,900₹30,999₹13,901 off on Flipkart
10.iPhone SE (256GB)₹54,900₹40,999₹13,901 off on Flipkart
1.iQOO 3 4G (8GB + 128GB)₹34,990₹29,990₹5,000 off on Flipkart
2.iQOO 3 4G (8GB + 256GB)₹37,990₹32,990₹5,000 off on Flipkart
1.LG G8X (6GB + 128GB)₹54,990₹19,990₹35,000 off on Flipkart
1.Motorola E7 Plus (4GB + 64GB)₹9,499₹8,999₹500 off on Flipkart
2.Motorola G9 (4GB + 64GB)₹11,499₹9,999₹1,500 off on Flipkart
3.Motorola One Fusion+ (6GB + 128GB)₹17,499₹15,999₹1,500 off on Flipkart
1.Nokia 5.3 (4GB + 64GB)₹13,999₹12,999₹1,000 off on
2.Nokia 5.3 (6GB + 64GB)₹15,499₹14,499₹1,000 off on
1.OnePlus 8 (6GB + 128GB)₹41,999₹39,999₹2,000 off on
2.OnePlus 8 (8GB + 128GB)₹44,999₹41,999₹3,000 off on
3.OnePlus 8 (12GB + 256GB)₹49,999₹44,999₹5,000 off on
4.OnePlus Nord (6GB + 64GB)₹24,999₹24,
5.OnePlus Nord (8GB + 128GB)₹27,999₹27,
6.OnePlus Nord (12GB + 256GB)₹29,999₹29,
1.OPPO Find X2 (12GB + 256GB)₹64,990₹64,
1.POCO M2 Pro (4GB + 64GB)₹13,999₹12,999₹1,000 off on Flipkart
2.POCO M2 Pro (6GB + 64GB)₹14,999₹13,999₹1,000 off on Flipkart
3.POCO M2 Pro (6GB + 128GB)₹16,999₹15,999₹1,000 off on Flipkart
4.POCO M2 (6GB + 64GB)₹10,999₹9,999₹1,000 off on Flipkart
5.POCO M2 (6GB + 128GB)₹12,999₹11,999₹1,000 off on Flipkart
6.POCO X2 (6GB + 64GB)₹17,499₹16,499₹1,000 off on Flipkart
7.POCO X2 (6GB + 128GB)₹18,499₹17,499₹1,000 off on Flipkart
8.POCO X2 (8GB + 256GB)₹21,499₹20,499₹1,000 off on Flipkart
1.Realme 7 Pro (6GB + 128GB)₹19,999₹19,999Flipkart
2.Realme 7 Pro (8GB + 128GB)₹21,999₹21,999Flipkart
3.Realme 7 (6GB + 64GB)₹14,999₹14,999Flipkart
4.Realme 7 (8GB + 128GB)₹16,999₹16,999Flipkart
5.Realme X3 (6GB + 128GB)₹24,999₹21,999₹3,000 off on Flipkart
6.Realme X3 (8GB + 128GB)₹25,999₹22,999₹3,000 off on Flipkart
7.Realme X3 SuperZoom (8GB + 128GB)₹27,999₹24,999₹3,000 off on Flipkart
8.Realme X3 SuperZoom (12GB + 256GB)₹32,999₹29,999₹3,000 off on Flipkart
9.Realme X50 Pro (8GB + 128GB)₹41,999₹36,999₹5,000 off on Flipkart
10.Realme X50 Pro (12GB + 256GB)₹47,999₹42,999₹5,000 off on Flipkart
1.Galaxy A50s (4GB + 128GB)₹22,999₹13,999₹9,000 off on Flipkart
2.Galaxy A70s (6GB + 128GB)₹28,999₹22,999₹6,000 off on Flipkart
3.Galaxy A70s (8GB + 128GB)₹30,999₹25,999₹5,000 off on Flipkart
4.Galaxy M31 Prime Edition (6GB + 128GB)₹16,499₹16,499₹1,000 cashback
on for Prime customers
5.Galaxy M31s (6GB + 128GB)₹19,499₹18,499₹1,000 off on
6.Galaxy M31s (8GB + 128GB)₹21,999₹20,499₹1,000 off on
7.Galaxy M51 (6GB + 128GB)₹24,999₹22,499₹2,500 off on
8.Galaxy M51 (8GB + 128GB)₹26,999₹24,999₹2,000 off on
9.Galaxy Note 10+ (12GB + 256GB)₹84,999₹54,999₹30,000 off on Flipkart
10.Galaxy S10 (8GB + 128GB)₹49,999₹39,999₹10,000 off on
11.Galaxy S10+ (8GB + 128GB)₹52,999₹44,999₹7,000 off on
12.Galaxy S20+ (8GB + 128GB)₹77,999₹49,999₹28,000 off on Flipkart
1.Vivo V17₹22,990₹17,990₹5,000 off on
2.Vivo Y30₹14,990₹13,990₹1,000 off on Flipkart
1.Mi 10 (8GB + 128GB)₹49,999₹44,999₹5,000 off on
2.Mi 10 (8GB + 256GB)₹54,999₹49,999₹5,000 off on
3.Redmi 8A Dual (2GB + 32GB)₹7,499₹7,299₹200 off on
4.Redmi 8A Dual (3GB + 32GB)₹8,299₹7,999₹300 off on
5.Redmi 8A Dual (3GB + 64GB)₹8,999₹8,499₹500 off on
6.Redmi 9 Prime (4GB + 64GB)₹9,999₹9,
7.Redmi 9 Prime (4GB + 128GB)₹11,999₹10,999₹1,000 off on
8.Redmi Note 9 (4GB + 64GB)₹11,999₹10,999₹1,000 off on
9.Redmi Note 9 (4GB + 64GB)₹13,499₹12,499₹1,000 off on
10.Redmi Note 9 (4GB + 64GB)₹14,999₹13,999₹1,000 off on
11.Redmi Note 9 Pro (4GB + 64GB)₹13,999₹12,999₹1,000 off on
12.Redmi Note 9 Pro (4GB + 128GB)₹15,999₹14,499₹1,500 off on
13.Redmi Note 9 Pro (6GB + 128GB)₹16,999₹15,999₹1,000 off on
14.Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (6GB + 64GB)₹16,999₹15,999₹1,000 off on
15.Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (6GB + 128GB)₹18,499₹17,999₹500 off on
16.Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (8GB + 128GB)₹19,999₹18,999₹1,000 off on
17.Redmi Note 8 (4GB + 64GB)₹13,999₹11,499₹1,500 off on Flipkart
18.Redmi Note 8 (6GB + 128GB)₹15,999₹13,499₹1,500 off on Flipkart

Accessories, Tablets, Smartwatches, Earphones

Sr. No.ProductLaunch Price / MRPMax. DiscountPlatform / Purchase Link
1.GTS 42mm₹9,999₹7,999₹2,000 off on
1.Echo Dot (3rd Gen)₹3,499₹1,999₹1,500 off on
2.Echo Dot with Clock (3rd Gen)₹4,499₹2,499₹2,000 off on
3.Echo Dot (4th Gen)₹4,499₹3,249₹1,250 off on
4.Echo Dot with Clock (4th Gen)₹5,499₹4,249₹1,250 off on
5.Echo (3rd Gen)₹9,749₹5,999₹3,750 off on
6.Echo Studio₹22,999₹18,999₹4,000 off on
7.Fire TV Stick Lite₹2,999₹1,999₹1,000 off on
8.Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen)₹2,999₹2,399₹600 off on
9.Fire TV Stick (3rd Gen)₹3,999₹2,499₹1,500 off on
10.Fire TV Stick 4K₹5,999₹3,599₹2,400 off on
11.Kindle (10th Gen) 6″, Wi-Fi₹7,999₹6,499₹1,500 off on
1.Apple AirPods Pro₹21,999₹17,999₹4,000 off on Flipkart
2.Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case₹16,499₹13,999₹2,500 off on
3.Apple AirPods₹13,499₹10,999₹2,500 off on
1.QuietComfort 35 II ANC Headphones₹29,363₹19,980₹9,383 off on
1.Huawei Watch GT2e₹11,990₹9,990₹2,000 off on Flipkart
2.Huawei Watch GT 2₹14,990₹12,990₹2,000 off on Flipkart
3.Huawei Band 4₹1,899₹1,799₹100 off on Flipkart
1.Honor Magic Watch 2 (46mm Charcoal Black)₹11,999₹9,999₹2,000 off on
2.Honor Magic Watch 2 (46mm Flax Brown)₹13,999₹11,999₹2,000 off on
3.Honor Magic Watch 2 (42mm Agate Black)₹10,999₹8,999₹2,000 off on
4.Honor Watch Magic (Lava Black)₹6,999₹4,999₹2,000 off on
5.Honor Watch Magic (Moonlight Silver)₹7,999₹5,999₹2,000 off on
6.Honor Band 5₹2,199₹1,999₹200 off on
1.Motorola Tech3 3-in-1 Earphones₹9,999₹5,999₹4,000 off on Flipkart
1.OPPO Enco M31 Wireless Earphones₹1,999₹1,799₹200 off on
2.OPPO Enco W31 TWS₹3,499₹2,999₹500 off on
1.Realme Buds Classic Wired Earphones₹399₹379₹20 off on
1.Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2GB + 32GB)₹9,999₹8,999₹1,000 off on Flipkart
2.Galaxy Watch (46mm Bluetooth + LTE)₹19,990₹11,990₹8,000 off on Flipkart
1..HD 458 ANC Headphones₹14,990₹7,490₹7,500 off on
2.Momentum TWS₹23,740₹12,990₹10,750 off on Flipkart
1.MDR-XB55 In-Ear Headphones (without Mic)₹1,999₹1,499₹500 off on
2.WF-1000XM3₹19,990₹14,990₹5,000 off on
3.WF-SP800N₹16,990₹14,990₹2,000 off on
4.WH-1000XM3₹24,990₹21,990₹3,000 off on
5.WH-1000XM4₹29,990₹26,990₹3,000 off on
1.Mi Air Purifier 2C₹6,999₹5,999₹1,000 off on
2.Mi Air Purifier 3₹10,999₹9,999₹1,000 off on
3.Mi Power Bank 3i 10,000 mAh 18W₹899₹749₹150 off on
4.Mi Power Bank 3i 20,000 mAh 18W₹1,499₹1,349₹150 off on
5.Mi TV Stick₹2,799₹1,999₹800 off on Flipkart

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