Amazon is making a fridge that knows when you’re about to run out of food

Amazon is making a fridge that knows when you’re about to run out of food

After launching a host of exciting new products late last month, Amazon has reportedly started working on another cool smart home device that will make your life easier. The eCommerce giant’s next project is a smart fridge that will track what’s in it and help you order replacements when you’re about to run out.

According to a recent report from Insider (via ArsTechnica), Amazon’s physical-stores unit is working on the upcoming smart fridge. This is the same team that created the technology powering Amazon Go cashier-less stores, so we can expect to see the fridge use a similar computer-vision solution to keep track of inventory.


The fridge, code-named Project Pulse, will reportedly be able to track your inventory and purchase habits, use AI to predict what you want, and help you have it delivered before you run out. It will also be able to notify you when a product is about to run out or nearing its expiration date. The fridge might also include Alexa support.

Sources familiar with the project have revealed that Amazon is also considering adding other features, like recipe suggestions, to the smart fridge. This will essentially allow the refrigerator to help users use the ingredients in the fridge if they’re nearing expiration. Furthermore, the sources said that Amazon itself wouldn’t manufacture the smart fridge. Instead, the company is looking to partner with a home-appliance manufacturer and has already held high-level talks with several brands.

Amazon’s physical-stores unit has been working on the smart fridge project for at least two years. But it’s unclear when the company plans to launch it. It’s also possible that Amazon might end up scrapping the project if it doesn’t manage to develop a viable product.

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