Amazon’s Echo Show display, Fire TV Stick, and more are on sale for Black Friday

Amazon’s Echo Show display, Fire TV Stick, and more are on sale for Black Friday

Black Friday is nearly upon us, and even though many sales started at the beginning of the month, more are starting to show up. Amazon has seemingly finalized its Black Friday deals for its hardware products, as everything from the Fire TV Stick Lite to the true wireless Echo Buds are now on sale for some of their best prices ever.

First up is Amazon’s lineup of Fire TV Sticks. The cheapest is the Fire TV Stick Lite, now on sale for $17.99, which can handle 1080p video streaming… and not much else. There are no controls for TV power and volume on the remote, or 4K video output. The standard Fire TV Stick is also on sale, which has TV volume and power controls on the remote. Finally, there’s the Fire TV Stick 4K, which supports 4K video and has faster hardware. I’d recommend buying the 4K Stick if you can, even if you don’t have a 4K TV — it’s much faster and more responsive than the other sticks.


    This is the cheapest Fire TV stick, with no TV volume/power controls, now on sale for $17.99 ($12 off).

    The normal Fire TV stick, with TV power and volume controls, is $19.99 ($20 off).

    This is the best Fire TV Stick, with a faster processor and 4K support, at $24.99 ($25 off)

Amazon has also discounted all of its Echo Show smart displays, which are essentially Echo smart speakers with added video streaming and calling abilities. The 2nd Gen Echo Show 5 is cheapest, with a 5-inch display and a high-quality front-facing camera for video calls (which you can cover up, if you think that’s creepy). The earlier 1st Gen Echo Show 8 is also on sale, which is almost identical, except it has a worse camera. You can also get the 1st Gen Echo Show 8, which is pretty much the same as the Show 5, but with a larger display.

    This 8-inch smart display is on sale for $60, half off the original MSRP.

    Amazon's latest 5-inch smart display is $44.99, $40 below the original MSRP.

    This first-gen Echo Show 5 has a worse camera than the 2nd Gen, but it's on sale for $40, half off the original price.

Besides the Fire TV and Echo Show series, a few other random Amazon hardware products are discounted for Black Friday. The 3rd Gen Echo Dot is down to $20, which is the same discount we saw during last year’s Black Friday sales. You can also get the newer sphere-shaped 4th Gen Echo on sale, or Amazon’s latest true wireless earbuds, the 2nd Gen Echo Buds.

    This is Amazon's current flagship smart speaker, on sale for $59.99 ($40 off).

    Amazon is clearing out stock of the last-gen Echo Dot at $19.99 ($20 off MSRP).

    Amazon's latest true wireless earbuds are on sale for $69.99, $50 below MSRP.

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