Ready Your Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 for Google Play Store and Custom ROMs

Ready Your Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 for Google Play Store and Custom ROMs

Amazon’s Kindle line of Android tablets has always been known for being heavily modified to the point where the devices are unrecognizable as Android devices–from user interface and the absence of the Google Play Store, all the way to the custom Amazon App Store. This is no unfamiliar territory, as we should all be well aware of another big name OEM that’s taken this approach, Nokia. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of these restrictions and modifications and run a clean Android ROM on your Kindle Fire HDX 7 but don’t know how to do it, XDA Forum Member taette’s tutorial will be a great starting point.


This tutorial specifically teaches you how to both root your Fire HDX  and save the official ROM your tablet is running, thanks to a method known as ‘safestrap’. The tutorial is split into three parts, each a different starting point for three different versions of firmware you may be running on your tablet. This process allows you to install Google Play Store and an alternative launcher onto your device, as well as ready it for a custom ROM in the future.

So if you’re an owner of the Fire HDX 7 and are interested in checking this out, head over to the Fire HDX 7 root and safestrap tutorial thread to get started.

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