Amazon Launches the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Prime Music in Canada

Amazon Launches the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Prime Music in Canada

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Amazon has control over 80% of the smart speaker market and the company is still making a lot of progress with the technology. They recently launched a number of new Amazon Echo products but regional availability is still something they really need to work on. The company has now officially announced that the Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Plus and even their Amazon Prime Music streaming service is finally available in Canada.

Regional launches can be difficult for a large number of reasons. The vast number of certification tests can vary from country to country, different supply chains and retailers also need to be coordinated with, and there are even subtle changes in the software (such as language patterns) that one may need to account for. It is easy for people to complain that companies like Google or Amazon still haven’t launched a new product or service in a specific country, but then overlook the amount of time it takes to overcome those hurdles.

Amazon may have beat Google to the punch when it comes to the smart speaker market but Google was able to launch the Google Home in Canada back in June of this year. Now that Amazon has their latest Echo products on the market, the company has brought them to Canada. Canadians can now purchase the Amazon Echo ($99.99), Amazon Echo Plus ($169.99) and the Amazon Echo Dot ($49.99) directly from the company’s website. The prices listed above are a limited time special introductory sale and are likely to rise beyond the introductory period.

Prime subscribers in Canada were also missing out on the company’s Amazon Prime Music streaming service. Again, due to licensing issues, this service wasn’t available in Canada before but now, Amazon Prime subscribers can listen to the company’s catalog of over 1 million songs ad-free, on-demand and at no additional cost.

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