Here are the games coming to Amazon Luna+ in July 2021!

Here are the games coming to Amazon Luna+ in July 2021!

Amazon Luna, the game streaming service offered by Amazon, presents pretty much the same kind of subscription value as the likes of Google’s Stadia and Nvidia’s GeForce Now. Luna is a streaming service that lets you subscribe to different “channels,” each with a unique library of games you can stream. The platform’s main channel (and the only one of two at the moment), is Luna+.

For the sake of clarity, Luna is the name of the platform, but users have to pay to subscribe to specific channels in order to stream the games on the platform. Luna+ is the name of the in-house channel, to which users can subscribe for $5.99. The plan, presumably, is that gamers will have several channels from which to choose in the future. At the moment, the other channel available is the Ubisoft+ channel, which costs $14.99 a month.


Amazon announced that several new games will be added to the Luna+ this month, meaning that users who are subscribed to that channel will be able to stream and play them.

  • DIRT 5 comes to Luna+ on July 15. This is the latest entry in the legendary off-road racing sim franchise, which was originally released on most platforms last November (it also launched on Stadia this March).
  • Saints Row The Third: Remastered is the third in the notoriously weird Saints Row series, with fresh graphics for next-gen consoles. We don’t yet know when it launches on Luna, as no date is listed on the Team Luna announcement, just that it’ll be sometime in July.
  • Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition comes to Luna+ on July 8. Originally released in 2018, this version of the game comes with all of the DLC included.

Keep in mind that Luna is still in beta, so you have to request access if you don’t already have it, which you can do from the Amazon Luna landing page.

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