Amazon Might be Working on a New Messaging App Called “Anytime”

Amazon Might be Working on a New Messaging App Called “Anytime”

Amazon has its hands involved in many different areas of business, and a new report from AFTVNews suggests that the company will soon release a brand new product. More specifically, a messaging app called, “Anytime.”

According to this report, Amazon has recently been surveying select customers about what features they value the most in messaging apps/services. AFTFNews says that one customer who was surveyed indicates that the questions they were asked made it sound like Amazon’s own messaging app was ready to launch in the near future, but we unfortunately don’t have an exact release date quite yet.

It’s hard to stand-out in the instant messaging world these days, and rather than reinvent the wheel, Amazon Anytime appears to be a mishmash of features that are already available on competing platforms. Based off of a couple leaked promotional images for Anytime, you can expect to see the following features:

  • Contacts will be grouped by name rather than phone numbers
  • Encrypted conversations
  • Available for Android, iOS, and the Web
  • Use @mentions to notify a specific person in a group chat
  • Free voice and video calls
  • Support for GIFs, stickers, and emojis
  • Filters for photos and videos (i.e. Snapchat)
  • Playable games within conversations
  • Customization over chat nicknames and themes
  • Ability to message businesses to make reservations, shop, etc.
  • Split bills, listen to music, order food with friends, and more in group conversations

Assuming this report is legitimate, Amazon Anytime sounds like a combination of Google Allo, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. That picking and choosing of the best features from existing apps could work to Amazon’s benefit, but even a company as large as Amazon will still be facing an uphill battle if and when Anytime is released.

The world of instant messaging is more crowded than it ever has been, and while that doesn’t mean Amazon can’t still succeed with Anytime, the company will need to ensure that it makes it clear to people why they should migrate over to the new service from the apps they’re already using.

Source: AFTVNews

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