Amazon Music Unlimited pricing is going up for Prime members

Amazon Music Unlimited pricing is going up for Prime members

Amazon Music might not be the most-discussed music service around, but it is a popular choice with people already subscribed to Amazon Prime, since there’s a discounted rate just for Prime members. That’s now changing, as Prime members will pay almost the same amount as non-Prime customers for Amazon Music.

Amazon Music has many different plans available, but the two most popular options are Amazon Music Unlimited with full access to streaming music on any device (similar to Spotify Premium or YouTube Premium), and the cheaper single-device plan that only works on a single Echo or Fire TV device. Amazon has started to notify subscribers that the single-device plan is increasing from $3.99 to $4.99 per month, and the Amazon Music Unlimited Individual Plan for Prime members is increasing from $7.99/mo to $8.99/mo. For people paying on a yearly basis, the Individual Plan is now $89/year instead of $79/year.


The price for Amazon Music Unlimited without a Prime membership is staying the same, at $9.99/mo. That means Prime customers are paying just $1 less per month than non-Prime subscribers. Amazon says the new pricing will go into effect starting May 5, 2022.

Amazon does offer a basic version of Amazon Music for all Prime members, with just two million “hand-curated” songs compared to the 90+ million songs offered in Amazon Music Unlimited. The version included with Prime doesn’t have any advertisements or limitations on skipping/offline access, and can also be used to play podcasts (though there are many free apps for that).

The pricing change will likely be unpopular with current subscribers, but it follows the current trend of ever-increasing digital subscriptions. Netflix, as another example, just raised prices on most of its plans in the United States and Canada. Higher levels of inflation in the United States and other countries could also encourage companies to increase prices.

Source: Nicholas De Leon (Twitter), Amazon Support
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