Instead of paying for Google Photos, get paid to use Amazon Photos with $10 credit

Instead of paying for Google Photos, get paid to use Amazon Photos with $10 credit

Are you annoyed with needing a Google One account for more than 15GB of Google Photos storage next year? Already paying for an Amazon Prime account for any number of their other services? Then it’s a good idea to move over to Amazon Photos, the corporation’s photo storage service. If you back up some of your pictures with the Amazon Photos service now, you’ll get $10 in Amazon credit to use elsewhere in the store. Why pay when you can get paid?

Granted, Amazon Photos isn’t technically free, just like Google Photos. But, the key difference here is that you get free unlimited storage with an Amazon Prime account. But many people already have a Prime account, as opposed to the Google One account needed to get more storage on Google Photos. There are a staggering amount of services available on Amazon Prime, and even if it’s more expensive than Google One, it’s just a better value proposition at the end of the day.


The Amazon Photos credit doesn’t hurt, either! There are no strings attached here, just upload your photos onto Amazon Photos, and you’ll get the credit within seven days. Even if you don’t have Prime, you can still transfer in a few photos and get the credit–you’re just limited to 5GB.

The credit may not be enough for some people, however. What are the other features that Amazon Photos promises? In addition to backing up your photos at their full resolution (not even future Google Pixel phones get that!), you can share these photos and have your privacy ensured. You can also choose your favorite images to print out and have them sent to you, like some other photo apps.

This credit deal lasts until the 20th. Even if you don’t plan on using Amazon Photos extensively, it’s worth a quick app download and photo upload for $10!

    Upload your photos on Amazon Photos, and get $10 in Amazon credit! That's all there is to it.

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