Amazon Prime Exclusive Smartphones will no longer have Lockscreen Ads

Amazon Prime Exclusive Smartphones will no longer have Lockscreen Ads

But the price is going up by $20

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Amazon Prime has a number of benefits for members of the service, including free 2-day delivery, Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon Prime Exclusive deals. While lots of their deals are time sensitive, their Amazon Prime Exclusive phone range is one that is available all year long, providing flagship phones at a lower price than the standard model. The tradeoff in purchasing these devices from Amazon is that the company includes advertisements on the lock screen, unfortunately.

In a surprising move, however, Amazon has announced that they will no longer be displaying ads on the lockscreen. All devices bought through the Prime Exclusive program will be receiving an update to the Amazon Offers application in the coming days to remove the ads.

This change does come with a catch, though. As a result of the removed lock-screen advertisements, all Amazon Prime Exclusive phones have had their prices raised by $20. It’s the price that any new owner will have to pay in order to purchase a Prime Exclusive smartphone, though buying it from Amazon will still often be a better bargain than buying it from a carrier or direct from the manufacturer.

It’s an even better proposition for those who have already purchased their phone from Amazon, as they lose nothing from this change but instead gain the ability rid their phone of those annoying lockscreen ads. Which, by the way, could have been removed at any time if you really, really wanted to do so.

Amazon offers a wide range of phones through the program, including phones from Motorola, LG, and Nokia. The most expensive is the LG G6+ at $499.99, while the cheapest is the Moto E4 at $99.99. There’s also plenty of smartphones in the price range in between those so that you can find a price you’re comfortable with. Check out the updated FAQ page for more details on this change.

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