Amazon Prime Video is Now Available on Android TV

Amazon Prime Video is Now Available on Android TV

It’s no secret that Amazon and Google have declared the equivalent of digital thermonuclear war on each other. They’ve been competing in every imaginable field as of late: In personal AI (Google’s Assistant vs. Amazon’s Alexa), in smart speakers (Google’s Home vs. Amazon’s Echo) and in streaming devices (Google’s Chromecast vs. Amazon’s Fire TV). It’s no wonder that Google pulled support for YouTube from the Fire TV and the Echo Show. But Amazon seems willing to put aside is differences. On Thursday, it brought Amazon Prime Video to Android TV devices.


A Google Play listing for the Android TV version of Amazon Prime Video, which was previously exclusive to the NVIDIA Shield TV as part of a limited-time licensing deal, is now live. It might not be available on your Android TV device just yet, though — Android Police reports that the application is showing as incompatible on a handful of Android TV devices, including the NVIDIA Shield TV. It’s possible that the app went live a little prematurely, or that there’s an issue with the device compatibility list.

The fact that the listing exists, though, is a step in the right direction for Amazon. The move comes shortly after the retailer decided to start selling, once again, third-party streaming devices that compete with the Fire TV, such as Chromecast and Apple TV. Whether the policy reversal was well-intentioned or an effort to force Google’s hand, the message was pretty clear: Amazon’s forging a friendlier relationship with its chief rival, Google.

If you’d like to have a look at the Amazon Prime Video listing and see if it’s compatible with your Android TV device, click on the widget below.

Prime Video - Android TV

Via: Android Police

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