Amazon Prime Video 3.0.264 adds Chromecast data usage options

Amazon Prime Video 3.0.264 adds Chromecast data usage options

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best streaming services out there, but its Android app has been playing catch-up to Netflix. The Android app added support for Chromecast streaming in the middle of last year, but the Prime Video app didn’t have any associated settings to manage the streaming quality. Now with version 3.0.264 rolling out on the Google Play Store, you can select the Google Cast data usage under Stream & download settings.

Until version 3.0.264, users could only select the on-device streaming quality or download quality. For on-device streaming or downloads, users can pick from either “best” (1.82GB/hr), “better” (0.77GB/hr), “good” (0.27GB/hr), or “data saver” (0.14GB/hr). With the latest version, users can choose to stream videos to Chromecasts using the “unlimited”, “balanced” (1.80GB/hr), or “data saver” modes. In order to provide the best video quality, Amazon Prime Video tries to stream to your Chromecast at the maximum possible resolution and bitrate, but if your home Internet is metered, then you may want to lower the streaming quality to reduce data usage.


The feature description states that changes to the data usage mode will be reflected in the currently playing video stream within a few minutes. Otherwise, whatever option you pick here should apply whenever you play another video on a Chromecast. You can download version 3.0.264 of the Prime Video app from the Play Store.

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