[Update: Global rollout] Amazon finally adds Profiles to Prime Video like Netflix

[Update: Global rollout] Amazon finally adds Profiles to Prime Video like Netflix

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Update 1 (7/08/2020 @ 02:25 AM ET):  Profiles in Amazon Prime Video are now rolling out globally. The article from March 23rd, 2020, has been preserved below.

Almost the entire world is under lockdown and social distancing can make you anxious. We’re fortunate to live in a time when digital entertainment is abundant and so easily accessible. Amazon Prime Video, one of the most popular sources of online cinema and long-form video content, is now adding the new Profiles feature which will make entertainment even more convenient for users. It lets you share your account with your family and friends without worrying about messing up your watch history and recommendations.

The Profile option has long been present on Netflix. It not only allows multiple users to use the same account to watch different content but also isolates their content feeds and seasons’ progress. Among the features that Amazon Prime Video borrows from Netflix, Prime subscribers can use the latest one to add up to six profiles. Out of these six profiles, at least one (admin profile) needs to be an adult while the remaining five can either be profiles for adults or kids under 12 years of age.

You can either create profiles from the Amazon Prime Video apps on Android or through the web portal. Tap on the “My Stuff” button with the blank avatar icon in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Then tap on your name and followed by the “Create profile” button from the drop-down menu. On the Prime Video website, you can access this menu directly from the top right corner of the web page. You can also tap on Manage Profile to rename profiles or delete them.

There’s also a Kids profile that filters content unsuitable for kids. On the My Stuff page, you can access the content you’ve downloaded or saved for watching later. Unlike Netflix, however, there is currently no option to change the avatar of Amazon Prime Video profiles.

The Profiles feature is currently limited to certain countries as per Amazon’s support page and is rolling out to users gradually.

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Update: Profiles in Amazon Prime Video now available globally

After rolling out Profiles to users in India and parts of Africa, Amazon has now launched the features for users worldwide including the U.S. The feature will be available via the apps on iOS, Android, Fire tablet, Fire TV and other smart TVs.

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