Amazon finally starts selling Google Chromecasts again

Amazon finally starts selling Google Chromecasts again

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There’s a conflict of interest when companies end up spreading too wide. Amazon started off as an online bookstore but then shifted to selling many other things. This shift continued to expand as they became an entire marketplace for over 480 million products. However, they began to get into the product business themselves which, in turn, created said conflict of interest. The company stopped selling Google’s Chromecast in 2015 as it competed against their own Fire TV Stick, but last year we were told they would be sold at Amazon again. After almost 1 year to the day, you can finally buy both the Google Chromecast (3rd-generation) and the Google Chromecast Ultra from Amazon.

Historically, we saw something similar back in the early 1980s when AT&T was ordered by the government to split up the Bell Operating Companies. This resulted in AT&T becoming split into AT&T Corp., Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, BellSouth, and others. It’s simply unfair to the competition when one company owns too much of a particular industry (or industries) and it’s why Google has been hit with so many fines by the EU as of late. Since money talks here in the U.S. right now things are starting to slip back into their old ways, but that didn’t stop Google and Amazon from coming to an agreement.

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It’s unclear what their agreement is based on as it could be a something as simple as Amazon getting a bigger piece of the pie. Or it could be that Google brought up the idea that they would go to the government due to Amazon preventing Google from selling their Chromecast products on the market. In any case, you can now buy the 3rd-generation Chromecast at Amazon for a flat $35 while you can also pick up the Chromecast Ultra for $69. These are the same prices that are available on the Google Store. Although, Google actually has a discount on the Chromecast Ultra right now (for $59) and they’re also selling the Chromecast Audio for just $15 in the Google Store too.

Chromecast at Amazon Chromecast Ultra at Amazon

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