Amazon is reportedly making a wall-mounted Echo smart display

Amazon is reportedly making a wall-mounted Echo smart display

Amazon is allegedly developing a new Echo device described as a “smart home command center.” The device, which will reportedly come out at the end of 2021 or even the end of 2022, is said to feature a large touchscreen and work best when mounted on a wall.

According to Bloomberg, the wall-mounted Echo will do all the things a regular Echo Show can do, including video chat and play music. The difference is, of course, that the device will be mounted in a central location in your home rather than sitting on your nightstand or bookshelf. The rumored Echo will show everything from upcoming calendar events, weather, and even your favorite photos.


Amazon is reportedly considering two sizes for the wall-mounted Echo: 10 inches and 13 inches. A 13-inch model would make it Amazon’s largest device with a display, but it’s said to be far slimmer than the existing Echo Show. Bloomberg warns the product could ultimately be scrapped. If it does launch, however, Amazon is allegedly mulling pricing the device at $200 to $250.

Amazon has released various Echo devices over the years, but nothing quite as ambitious as a wall-mounted Echo. The device would free up shelf space and offer a little more flexibility for where to put it (assuming there’s a plug nearby). It’s unclear if the device can be mounted in any orientation or if it features a kickstand to place on a nightstand or media console.

A wall-mounted Echo wouldn’t be the first Echo device to sit on your wall. The company has released a variety of Echo-equipped wall clocks, and other Echo devices can technically be mounted to the wall with third-party accessories. Amazon’s rumored device sounds a lot like those DIY smart displays people make out of Raspberry Pi computers.

Bloomberg claims Amazon’s Lab126 hardware division is designing the device; the same division is also rumored to be working on a radar-equipped sleep tracker. Before any of these alleged devices are released, however, Amazon still has to launch the new Echo Show 10, which the company announced back in September.

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