Amazon’s New Fire HD 10 Tablet has a 1080p Display for $150

Amazon’s New Fire HD 10 Tablet has a 1080p Display for $150

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Back in 2015, Amazon added a 10″ tablet to their Fire HD line called the Amazon Fire HD 10. While many were happy to see the other tablets released in that batch, the 10″ model wasn’t in line with what people were expecting. The company was trying to charge $230 for a 10″ tablet that had a measly 1280 x 800 pixel display (149 PPI). There were simply other tablets on the market at that time that offered better hardware at the same price (or even cheaper).

So at that time, the only reasons to pick up the Fire HD 10 were if you didn’t mind that display, or really needed deep integration with the Amazon ecosystem. Suffice to say, that wasn’t a popular device for the company but now they have announced a refresh for just this 10″ model. It seems the company learned from its previous mistakes too as this new Amazon Fire HD 10 comes with a 10″ 1080p display and it only costs $150 this time.

Along with that 10″ 1080p IPS display, the Fire HD 10 is powered by a 1.8GHz quad-core CPU from MediaTek. There’s 2GBs of RAM, 32GBs of internal storage, stereo speakers with Dolby Audio technology, and a microSD card slot. They haven’t detailed the size of the battery just yet, but are advertising 10 hours of battery life. The other new standout feature here is hands-free Alexa integration which is actually the first time it’s been implemented in a Fire tablet from Amazon.

This device comes at a time when there simply isn’t much activity in the Android tablet space. Lenovo did just release 4 new tablets recently with the 10.1″ Tab 4 having a 720p display and costing $20 more than what Amazon has to offer. Lenovo also has a Plus version of that Tab 4 tablet that does come with a 1080p displa,y but that comes with a price increase to $280. So Amazon really has a deal here with the refreshed Fire HD 10.

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