AMD shows off Ryzen 7000 desktop processor with new AM5 platform

AMD shows off Ryzen 7000 desktop processor with new AM5 platform

During its product premiere earlier today, AMD announced a ton of Ryzen and Radeon products for laptops and desktops. All the new processors launching in the next couple of months are based on Zen 3 or the new Zen 3+ cores, but AMD ended things off with a teaser for Zen 4, just as previously reported. AMD showed an unspecified Ryzen 7000 series processor featuring a brand-new design.

The new processor uses a new LGA (land grid array) socket design and seems to feature pins on all sides visible from the top of the CPU. This will be the first time AMD switches to an LGA type socket, after using PGA for the past few generations of Ryzen.


That also means these new processors won’t work with existing motherboards, but that’s to be expected at this point. All of the Zen cores so far have been built for the AM4 platform, which started back in 2017. That’s already a long time to support the same platform, so it’s not surprising to see AMD moving on to a new design now. The Ryzen 7000 processors will launch alongside the new AM5 platform in the second half of the year.

While AMD didn’t share a ton of details of the new Ryzen 7000 processors, we know they’ll be based on a 5nm process, making them the smallest architecture available for a desktop processor right now. They will also support DDR5 RAM and PCIe Gen 5, as you’d expect for a new platform.

As an early preview of the power of these processors, AMD showed off a video of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer running on the new processors. According to AMD CEO Lisa Su, the game was running at 1080p, and it appeared to be running very smoothly. While it wasn’t completely clear during the presentation, the game was likely running on the processor’s integrated graphics, which makes the demo impressive considering Halo Infinite is a fairly demanding game. Su also mentioned that all the cores on the processor were running at 5GHz, speeds that aren’t currently available on AMD’s desktop processors without overclocking.

We’ll have to wait a while longer for these new processors to be available, but in the meantime, AMD launched the new Ryzen 7 5800X3D today, a high-end processor with 3D V-cache technology that promises significantly increased performance. That processor will launch this spring.

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