AMD’s new Threadripper Pro 5000 WX-Series brings Zen 3 to Workstations

AMD’s new Threadripper Pro 5000 WX-Series brings Zen 3 to Workstations

Two years after the release of the original Threadripper 3000 Pro series, AMD is finally upgrading the lineup with a new set of workstation-focused processors. These new processors will be a part of AMD’s Threadripper Pro 5000 series, and they’re based on the company’s Zen 3 architecture. We have a total of five new SKUs, all of which will be OEM-only, at least for now.

AMD TR Pro 5000 WX series

The new Threadripper Pro 5000 WX series are here to bridge the gap between the company’s mainstream consumer chips in the Ryzen series and its EPYC processors. The new TR processors bring powerful configurations like the EPYC processors, in a platform that’s better suited for workstations. As always, the biggest selling point of the TR series remains the high number of CPU cores. We’re looking at up to 64 cores in a single chip. You also get as many as eight memory channels of DDR4.


Thanks to the high memory bandwidth, the TR 5000 Pro series chips can now support up to 2TB of DDR4-3200 DRAM with ECC. The new series, however, is based on a single socket platform, so it’s safe to say that the EPYC machines will still be able to flaunt more memory. Another notable improvement this time is the cores are based on AMD’s highly successful Zen 3 architecture. Thanks to the new architecture, the new chips will see improvements in IPC and frequency as compared to its previous Zen 2 microarchitecture.

AMD Threadripper Pro 5000 WX-Series

As we mentioned earlier, there are five processors in total with the Threadripper Pro 5995WX on top of the stack. It comes with 64 cores/128 threads and has a base and turbo frequency of 2.7GHz and up to 4.5GHz, respectively. The Threadripper Pro 5975WX is next in line with 32 cores/64 threads. This one has a base frequency of 3.6GHz. There’s also the TR Pro 5965WX, which is a direct competitor to Intel’s 24-core Intel Xeon W-3345 processor. It’ll be interesting to see how this two compare.

Here’s a quick look at each of the new chips:

AMD Threadripper Pro 5000 WX series

Pricing & Availability

The new Threadripper Pro 5000 WX-series processors announced are OEM-only, at least for now. The only way you can get your hands on one of these new chips is by turning to Lenovo to buy an entire workstation PC that’s fully kitted with the new chips. Lenovo is launching an updated version of its ThinkStation P620 PC alongside the new chips.

This is also why we don’t have any info about the pricing for these new TR Pro processors. It’s going to be up to the OEMs to decide how much they should charge for their new workstation PCs. Neither AMD nor Lenovo has provided information as to when we can expect TR 5000 Pro WX or the new ThinkStation P620 to arrive on the market at the time of writing this article. We’ll have more to talk about the performance of these new CPUs soon, but the new chips are looking quite powerful. Perhaps it’s time to update our best AMD processors collection with these new workstation CPUs.

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