Among Us update adds Anonymous Voting option, Task Bar modes, and more

Among Us update adds Anonymous Voting option, Task Bar modes, and more

Among Us developer Innersloth is rolling out an update with a few new features that may have a major impact on gameplay. The most noteworthy addition in the latest update is an Anonymous Voting mode which will let you vote against other players without revealing your identity. All votes cast with the mode turned on will be displayed in gray, instead of your character’s color. This will add another layer of complexity to the guessing game, and give the Impostors a chance to sneakily vote other players out without revealing their identity.

Along with the new Anonymous Voting mode, the update adds new Task Bar modes to the game. For the unaware, Among Us currently shows a Task Bar in the top right corner that fills up when crewmates complete tasks and it gives the Impostors an idea of the amount of time they have to execute other players before they lose the game.


With the update, Among Us is getting three Task Bar modes — always, meeting, and invisible. In the always mode, the Task Bar will be visible at all times like it is right now. But in the meeting mode, the Task Bar will be hidden until a meeting is called and in the invisible mode it won’t show up at all. While the meeting and invisible modes will put the Impostors at a significant disadvantage, they serve to balance out the edge Impostors get with the new Anonymous Voting mode.

Additionally, the update also brings cosmetic changes to the meeting view, new symbols in the fix wires task, and various bug fixes. Furthermore, sabotaging comms will now also clear the security logs.

In an announcement post regarding the update, developer Innersloth has also shared the future roadmap for Among Us. The game will get new account and friend list features before the end of the year, which will enable two new features — easy lobby creating and reporting toxic players. And in the coming months, the game will receive a larger Henry Stickmin-themed map with new tasks and larger lobbies. Innersloth is also working on translating the game into more languages. With declining interest in games like Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile, Among Us has emerged as one of the popular options for team-based gameplay.

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