And It Goes On: HTC HD2 Receives Lollipop Port

And It Goes On: HTC HD2 Receives Lollipop Port

Recently we spoke about devices outliving their generation by leaps and bounds, and highlighted the Nexus S’ prowess in doing so. Despite a number of devices following similar paths, the undoubted champion that simply refuses to give up, is the HTC Leo, or the HTC HD2 as it is more commonly known. The HD2 has not only received Android ROMs light years ahead of it’s time, but it has also managed to run multiple operating systems, such as Firefox, Windows RT and Ubuntu Touch, making it an easy fan-favorite and a legend in the Android community.

XDA Senior Member macs18max has taken an important step in continuing the device’s legacy, by successfully booting an Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM on it, built on the 3.0.101 kernel. While the ROM is in early alpha stages, and only the display and audio are working at this time, macs18max is committed to continue work on the port, aided by an amazing team.

Head over to HTC HD2 Lollipop 5.0.2 thread to join the discussion, flash the ROM or just witness another milestone in the device’s illustrious life.

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