[Update: September 3rd Launch] Android 10 will not get a dessert name, Google reveals new branding

[Update: September 3rd Launch] Android 10 will not get a dessert name, Google reveals new branding

Update (8/30/19 @ 2:18 PM ET): Android 10 may be released on September 3rd according to Rogers in Canada.

Today is truly the end of an era. Google announced that Android Q will not get a dessert nickname. A tradition that has been going on for a decade has come to a close. Android Q will simply be called “Android 10” and Google has rolled out a new look for the Android brand to go along with it.

Google claims they’ve heard feedback over the years about the dessert nicknames not always being understood by the global community. The example they give is for L and R, which are not distinguishable in some languages. So if someone says “Android Lollipop,” it’s not clear that they are talking about the version after KitKat. Google also talks about how some of the treats they’ve used were not desserts or very popular in some regions.


It’s important to Google that the names are clear on a global scale. From now on, Android versions will go simply by their number. We’re not sure what this means for the beta releases that have typically gone by a single letter (Android P, Android Q, etc).

Next, Google has announced a redesigned logo and color scheme for the Android brand. The last time Google updated the brand was back in 2014. The new logo introduces the familiar Android robot, head only, in a new shade of green. The Android wordmark is now in black (or white).

The final release of Android 10 will feature this updated branding when it’s released in the “coming weeks.” What do you think of this news? We’re a little sad to see the fun dessert nicknames come to an end. It was always something that set Android apart from the likes of iOS, Windows, and other operating systems. A silly, unique tradition that showed Google didn’t take themselves too seriously. RIP.

Source: Google

Update: September 3rd Launch

Google said Android 1o would be released in the “coming weeks” and we’ve been sitting on the edge of our seats since. There have been rumblings from carrier support reps about a September 3rd launch. Now, according to an OS upgrade schedule from Canadian carrier Rogers, that date is coming up again.

The chart lists “Q OS” for the entire Google Pixel family with September 3, 2019 as the “expected availability” date. The page does say the dates are subject to change, but September 3rd is sounding better and better.

Source: Rogers

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