Some Android 10 users are facing random freezing and unresponsive UI issues

Some Android 10 users are facing random freezing and unresponsive UI issues

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A growing number of Android 10 users are reporting a stability issue with the OS that causes their device to become unresponsive whenever an app freezes. Artem Russakovskii from Android Police recently took to Twitter to highlight the issue and a number of users have since come forward to confirm that they have also experienced it on their Android 10 devices. In case you haven’t experienced it for yourself, the issue occurs whenever an app freezes on a device running Android 10 and makes the UI completely unresponsive. Once it occurs, users aren’t able to close the app, head back to the home screen or open the notifications shade and have to lock their device for a while before it becomes responsive again.

While a vast majority of the reported cases are from Google’s Pixel devices with the stock Pixel launcher, several OnePlus and Xiaomi users have also reported facing the bug. Additionally, the issue doesn’t seem to be launcher related as a number of users running third-party launchers like Nova Launcher and Action Launcher have also experienced it on their Android 10 device. As far as the offending apps are concerned, users have reported facing the issue while using Amazon, Twitter, YouTube, YouTube Music, and the Google Play Store. Even though most of the affected devices are running Android 10, Android Police has also reported facing the issue on a Pixel 3 running the Android 11 developer preview.

Several users on Reddit have also confirmed facing the issue, with a few users revealing that it also occurs on custom ROMs based on Android 10, including AOSP 10, LineageOS 17.1, and more. This leads us to believe that the issue might be more of a widespread Android bug than one limited to a few devices or third-party launchers. As of now, we have no clue about what’s causing the issue on affected devices and Google has released no official statement on the matter. We’ll update this post as and when the company addresses the issue.

Via: Android Police