Android 11 adds 84 new mappings for Xbox, Razer, PDP, Mad Catz, and other gaming controllers

Android 11 adds 84 new mappings for Xbox, Razer, PDP, Mad Catz, and other gaming controllers

Something you may not know about your Android phone is that it can likely connect to a gaming controller that wasn’t designed for it. There are hundreds of different gaming controllers on the market from dozens of different peripheral makers, and not all of them will work with your Android device out-of-the-box. Google has slowly added support for more controllers in Android over the years, though. The first Android 11 Beta was just released and we found 84 new controller mappings for Xbox, Razer, PDP, Mad Catz, and other gaming controllers.

We’ve seen Google bring more support for controllers in recent versions of Android. Android Pie brought controller mapping support for the Xbox One S wireless controller and PlayStation DualShock 4, among others. Controller mapping eventually came to the Xbox Elite Controller (Series 1) over USB and the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Now, we’ve spotted an additional 84 new controller mappings that are coming with Android 11.


What exactly is “controller mapping,” anyway? Essentially, it’s how Android maps the controller’s physical buttons to virtual inputs that the OS and games can react to. If you press “A” on the controller, Android’s controller mappings will ensure that the “A” translates to the “A” KeyEvent, and so on and so forth. We compiled the below list of new controller mappings based on the presence of new key layout files in Android 11 Beta 1 versus Android 10. Expand the toggle below to see the full list of 84 new controllers.

List of 84 new controller mappings in Android 11

  • Afterglow AX.1 Gamepad for Xbox 360
  • Afterglow Gamepad for Xbox 360
  • Afterglow Prismatic Wired Controller
  • Batarang Xbox 360 controller
  • BigBen Interactive XBOX 360 Controller
  • Elecom JC-U3613M
  • FUS1ON Tournament Controller
  • Gamestop Xbox 360 Controller
  • GPD Win 2 X-Box Controller
  • Harmonix Rock Band Guitar
  • Harmonix Xbox 360 Controller
  • Hori Co. DOA4 FightStick
  • Hori GEM Xbox controller
  • Hori PadEX Turbo
  • Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA
  • Hori Real Arcade Pro.EX Premium VLX
  • Hori SOULCALIBUR V Stick
  • Hori XBOX 360 EX 2 with Turbo
  • HoriPad EX2 Turbo
  • Joytech Neo-Se Take2
  • Keyboard map for the android virtual remote running as a gamepad
  • Logic3 Controller
  • Logitech Chillstream Controller
  • Logitech Gamepad F510
  • Mad Cats Ghost Recon FS GamePad
  • Mad Catz Beat Pad
  • Mad Catz Call Of Duty
  • Mad Catz GamePad
  • Mad Catz JOYTECH NEO SE Advanced GamePad
  • Mad Catz MicroCon Gamepad
  • Mad Catz Portable Drum
  • Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightStick SE
  • Mad Catz Wired Xbox 360 Controller
  • Mad Catz Xbox 360 Controller
  • Mad Catz Xbox controller – MW2
  • Mad Catz GamePad
  • Microsoft X-Box 360 pad v2
  • Nacon GC-100XF
  • PDP Afterglow AX.1
  • PDP Battlefield One
  • PDP Controller for Xbox One
  • PDP EA Sports Controller
  • PDP Marvel Xbox One Controller
  • PDP Titanfall 2
  • PDP Versus Fighting Pad
  • PDP Wired Controller for Xbox One – Camo Series
  • PDP Xbox 360 Controller
  • PDP Xbox One Controller
  • Pelican PL-3601 ‘TSZ’ Wired Xbox 360 Controller
  • Power A Mini Pro Elite
  • PowerA FUSION Controller
  • PowerA FUSION Pro Controller
  • PowerA MINI PROEX Controller
  • PowerA Pro Ex
  • PowerA Xbox One Mini Wired Controller
  • PowerA Xbox One wired controller
  • Razer Onza
  • Razer Onza TE
  • Razer Sabertooth
  • Razer Wildcat
  • RedOctane Controller
  • RedOctane Guitar Hero X-plorer
  • Rock Candy Gamepad for Xbox 360
  • Rock Candy Gamepad for Xbox One 2015
  • Rock Candy Gamepad for Xbox One 2016
  • Rock Candy Gamepad Wired Controller
  • Rock Candy Wired Controller for Xbox One
  • Saitek Aviator Stick AV8R02
  • Saitek Cyborg Rumble Pad – PC/Xbox 360
  • Saitek P3200 Rumble Pad – PC/Xbox 360
  • Saitek P3600
  • SteelSeries Stratus Duo
  • Street Fighter IV FightPad
  • Street Fighter IV FightStick TE
  • Super SFIV FightStick TE S
  • Thrustmaster Gamepad GP XID
  • Thrustmaster, Inc. GPX Controller
  • Tron Xbox 360 controller
  • Xbox 360 Pro EX Controller
  • Xbox 360 Wired Controller
  • Xbox Airflo wired controller
  • Xbox ONE spectra

We determined that these controllers are now supported based on the key layout files in the Android 11 Beta 1 GSI, which is based on the Android Open Source Project. That means that these new controller mappings will be present on all devices running Android 11 and not just Google’s own Pixel phones. Android 10 only had around 50 controller mappings, so an additional 84 controllers is a considerable bump in support for third-party gaming controllers. Many controllers made for mobile devices simply use a generic mapping layout, but now many controllers that aren’t made specifically for Android should work better in the next Android release. This is exciting news for anyone who wants to use a controller they already own with their Android device.

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