Nearly 1 in 5 Android devices in the U.S. run Android 11, 6 months after release

Nearly 1 in 5 Android devices in the U.S. run Android 11, 6 months after release

Google has said that adoption of Android 11 is the best it’s ever been, and six months after release, new data suggests nearly 1 in 5 Android devices in America have been updated to the new software.

According to data from StatCounter (via Der Standard), Android 11 adoption has really picked up over the last few months. In the U.S., where we’ve seen devices from Google and Samsung launch with the new OS, over 20 percent of phones run Android 11. The software has almost surpassed Android 9, with Android 10 taking the biggest market share.

Android 11 adoption February 2021

Data via StatCounter

StatCounter shows data from other parts of the world, including Canada, the U.K., Germany, and Oceania. Android 11 adoption is on an upward trajectory no matter how you look at it. Six months after release, the numbers probably aren’t as high as Google would hope, but there’s such a high volume of Android phones on the market that getting a significant amount updated is a major challenge.


The latest versions of Android historically have a difficult time being distributed, at least early on. But things appear to be improving, with adoption likely to continue going up over the next several months.

Official Android distribution statistics are now only available in Android Studio, so they’re not available for everyone to see. Google has worked hard to speed up software updates through initiatives like Project Treble and partnered with Qualcomm to support four Android versions for new Snapdragon chipsets. That means when consumers get a new Android device, they’ll get something like Android 11 plus 3 more years of Android OS updates.

That doesn’t mean manufacturers will definitely upgrade your old device with four different Android versions. But the framework is there, hopefully meaning that adoption for new versions of Android — such as Android 12, which has already been announced — will continue to trend up a lot quicker than we’ve seen in the past.

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