[Update 2: Now Working] Don’t install Android 11 Beta if you use Google Pay

[Update 2: Now Working] Don’t install Android 11 Beta if you use Google Pay

Update 2 (6/16/2020 @ 9:55 PM ET): According to multiple users on Reddit, Google Pay is now working for them on Android 11 Beta 1.

Update 1 (6/12/2020 @ 4:25 PM ET): Google says they will be making Google Pay “available soon” for Android 11 Beta.

After months of developer previews, Google released Android 11 Beta 1 yesterday, making the new version of Android available for more people to easily test. The beta releases are generally more stable than the developer previews, but they are still beta releases. There are always a few little quirks and Android 11 Beta 1 has an issue with Google Pay.


Google Pay is a particularly fragile app when it comes to developer previews and beta releases. The app is responsible for holding sensitive payment information, so security is naturally a very high priority. Early versions of Android often don’t have the appropriate security measures in place to support Google Pay and that’s the case with Android 11 Beta 1.

Google Pay actually worked with Android 11 Developer Preview 4, but it’s not working with the first beta. Setting it up for the first time on a fresh install will fail when verifying a new card for in-store payments. If the device already had Google Pay set up before installing the beta, it will work for a while and then it will be cut off with a notification saying “Your phone is no longer ready for contactless payments.”

If you’ve used Android betas before you know this is a pretty common occurrence, but it’s especially a bummer with Android 11. One of the new features is the revamped power menu with Google Pay support. That’s the price you pay for using beta software, though. We hope to see Google fix this problem in future Android 11 beta releases. Have you run into any other problems with the beta?

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Update 1: Available Soon

A Google spokesperson reached out to address the situation with Google Pay not working in Android 11 Beta 1. The full statement is below:

We are aware some users can’t access Google Pay as part of the current build. We will be making it available soon.

As mentioned in the original article, this is a pretty common issue in Android beta releases. It’s nice to see Google is aware of the problem.

Update 2: Rolling Out

According to multiple users on the /r/android_beta subreddit, the official Reddit community for the Android 11 beta, Google Pay is now working on their devices. Open the Pay app and tap the “check software” button to see if it’s working for you now.

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