Here are Android 11’s new emojis that you can install right now [Root]

Here are Android 11’s new emojis that you can install right now [Root]

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Unicode 13 was announced earlier this year, bringing along 62 new emojis (117, if you count the variations separately) to devices. While their inclusion may not seem like a big deal on the surface, these graphical assets have become an integral part of expression on the internet and through our devices. They add emotions, intentions, and character to mere words. And the frequent addition of newer emojis is testimony to their importance in modern-day communication and expression. It should then be no surprise to learn that the 62 emojis added in Unicode 13 were added to the Android 11 Beta 1. You can install Android 11 Beta 1 on supported devices to access these emojis. But there is also an easier way to install and experience these emojis on your existing software, presuming you have root.

Android 11 News on XDA

XDA Senior Member RKBD, known for his Gboard themes, has obtained the font file containing the new emojis from an unreleased Android 11 build. This font file has been packaged into a Magisk Module, that users with Magisk installed can simply flash to replace their existing emojis. For most Android devices, the module replaces the “NotoColorEmoji.ttf” file in /system/fonts. On Samsung devices, the module replaces the “SamsungColorEmoji.ttf” file at the same spot.

One thing to keep in mind is that the emoji style is visible on your device. Several apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, and others are using their own styles and have not included the new emojis yet. If the platform does not include support for the new emojis, they will not be rendered properly on the receiver’s end. So do keep that in mind before you send out U+1F972 to everyone. But now that installing the new ones has become significantly easier, we should see wider proliferation across ecosystems. Just a matter of time for Gboard to integrate the new ones.

Download new Android 11 emojis from the XDA Forum Thread