Android 11 tests a new screenshot preview with scrolling screenshot support

Android 11 tests a new screenshot preview with scrolling screenshot support

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Android 11 is here, and with it comes loads of new features and under-the-hood improvements. While we’re trying to discover them all, it may take some time before we find all of them. You may remember that before we knew that Google would drop the letter naming scheme entirely for Android versions, the company said that the addition of scrolling screenshots was planned for Android R. While the feature isn’t actually enabled by default or even fully working yet, we managed to manually surface the new feature so that it shows up in the screenshot UI. The screenshot preview UI is also completely new, and not something that we’ve seen before.

Android 11 scrolling screenshot

Keep in mind that we manually activated the UI element and that the feature does not actually work yet. Tapping “Extend” prompts a pop-up that says “Not implemented!” This does give hope that we’ll see the feature in a future developer preview or beta though. However, it does appear that the ability to take a scrolling screenshot is indeed on its way to stock Android. Scrolling screenshots were previously deemed “infeasible“. The screenshot preview UI is also new and has the option to share your screenshot to other apps or even edit it.

Stock Android is pretty barebones as it acts as more of a base for manufacturers to work off of to implement their own features. Not even the Google Pixel runs it, with Google instead opting to use their own version of Android with extra features. Even still, Google’s Android on the Pixels does bare the most resemblances of pretty much any other manufacturer’s implementation, bar a select few. Because of that, though, devices from the likes of Samsung and Xiaomi have a lot more features implemented over some competitors, though obviously, features aren’t everything. Scrolling screenshots are on most smartphones, and now it looks like they’ll finally be a part of AOSP.