HMD starts rolling out the Android 11 update for the Nokia 3.2

HMD starts rolling out the Android 11 update for the Nokia 3.2

The software has always been a contentious issue on Android phones since the day they were first conceived. Some companies can nail the software experience just right but can fail to provide updates promptly. Other times, the software experience can be slow and bloated, but updates will actually come fairly frequently. HMD, more often than not, has been a mixture of both. Their software is very close to stock Android, while they also manage to provide timely updates to all devices in their lineup, including their lower-end devices, like the Nokia 3-series, 2-series, and even 1-series. The Nokia 3.2 is one of the devices in this latter club, and we have good news for whoever owns one: the latest Android 11 update is rolling out now as announced in their forums, right within their previously announced schedule!


The Nokia 3.2 launched in mid-2019 as an unapologetically budget yet decent budget smartphone, with specs that will do the job but still won’t blow anyone out of their seats. The phone features a Snapdragon 429 SoC, up to 3 GB of RAM, up to 32 GB of storage, a 720p display, and a rear single 13MP shooter with a 5MP front camera. It launched with Android Pie when it came out and promptly received an Android 10 update through HMD’s Android 10 rollout. Now, it’s one of the few phones in its weight class to have, so far, received an update to Android 11.

While this is all excellent news, it’s probably the last major update this phone will get, as Nokia phones tend to get 2 years of updates and 3 years of security updates for their entire lineup. You might be able to keep it living on for a little bit longer, though, as the Nokia 3.2 is one of the very few Nokia phones that have been successfully bootloader-unlocked. The fact that an OEM even gives official support for 2 years for their entire lineup is admirable by itself, and we hope other OEMs will be able to keep up the tab on this.

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