What do you think of Google’s Material You design for Android 12?

What do you think of Google’s Material You design for Android 12?

At Google I/O earlier this week, Google announced the changes coming with Android 12. Along with Android 12 Beta 1, Google also unveiled Material You — the next step in the evolution of its Material Design. Material You will help personalize the user experience on Android using a myriad of colors. It will be limited to Google smartphones initially but can be expected to inspire changes in Android skins developed by other OEMs. What are your feelings on the new Material You design for Android 12?

The changes showcased as part of the Material You philosophy primarily combine existing, as well as revamped, shapes in Android 12 with a splash of colors. Google describes this as a “multiyear journey,” and the design philosophy is expected to come to other platforms after Android, and Wear OS might get it next.


For Android specifically, Material You will automatically choose a set of color palettes based on the wallpaper. These colors will be applied across system UI including apps, menus, buttons and sliders, the notifications pane, and quick settings. The changes are not live yet in Beta 1 but should be available by the stable Android 12 release for Pixel phones. Along with these, the new color schemes will also apply to dynamic widgets that are set to arrive in the upcoming Android 12 builds.

Besides system elements and pre-installed apps in Android 12, Material You should also allow users to change the appearance of any third-party app, given it complies with the guidelines set by Google. “By sharing control of contrast, size, and line width, with a contextually aware system that can customize UIs in more ways than previously possible, we can tailor a UI for every user,” Google notes in a blog post.

The Material You philosophy is set to redefine design not just for Android but also for almost every visual interface designed by Google. Like Material Theme, we can also expect these changes to be available on Google’s web apps eventually.

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