Android 12 tests “Automatic” sound status for notifications

Android 12 tests “Automatic” sound status for notifications

Google dropped the first developer preview of Android 12 last night, and boy is there a lot of cool things to talk about. We have already detailed some of the major changes in the latest iteration of Android, including the scrolling screenshot feature, a native one-handed mode, UI optimizations for better one-hand usage, iOS-style widget stacks, and a whole lot more. As we continue to dig deeper into the new software, we keep finding new features and subtle changes that didn’t catch our attention immediately.

Many of the features we found are half-baked or still work in progress and hence not yet live in the first preview. One such interesting feature we found in Android 12 Developer Preview 1 is that the system can automatically decide the sound status of an incoming notification.


Right now, in Android 11, when you half-swipe on a notification and click on the gear icon, you see two options: Default and Silent. The default status corresponds to the system-wide sound profile and may allow the notification to ring or vibrate depending on the selected sound profile. Meanwhile, choosing the silent option here entirely disables the sound and vibration for the said app — regardless of the system sound profile. In Android 12, however, Google is working on adding a third option called Automatic, which, unsurprisingly, automatically decides if the notification should make sound or vibration.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Mishaal Rahman, found some strings related to this new feature and even managed to get it working. Here are the screenshots that show the feature in action and how it compares with Android 11:

<string name="feedback_alerted">This notification was automatically &lt;b>promoted to Default&lt;/b> by the system.</string>\n<string name="feedback_demoted">This notification was automatically &lt;b>ranked lower&lt;/b> in your shade.</string>\n<string name="feedback Ok">OK</string> <string name="feedback_promoted">This notification was automatically &lt;b>ranked higher&lt;/b> in your shade.</string>\n<string name="feedback_prompt">Was this correct?</string>\n<string name="feedback_response">Thanks for your feedback!</string>\n<string name="feedback_silenced">This notification was automatically &lt;b>demoted to Silent&lt;/b> by the system.</string>

This feature isn’t live in the Android 12 Developer Preview 1 yet as it likely needs some more time in the oven. We don’t know when Google plans to implement it, but it’s definitely something that we would like to see making its way to the final release. In the meantime, stay tuned to XDA Portal as we still have a lot more Android 12 news coming up your way!

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