Android 12L Developer Preview 1 arrives for the Lenovo P12 Pro

Android 12L Developer Preview 1 arrives for the Lenovo P12 Pro

Android is constantly changing and improving, and the platform has matured over the years to be one of the most dominant operating systems in the world. Android 12 is the most recent Android version, arriving in an anti-climactic AOSP source code drop at the start of October. It was followed by a Pixel series rollout a few weeks later, alongside the launch of the Google Pixel 6 series. At the time, we had already gotten our hands on what we thought was Android 12.1, though we later learned that it would be called “Android 12L” and that the first beta release would arrive for the Pixel lineup in December. Android 12L Developer Preview 1 is now available for the Lenovo P12 Pro, and you can install it already.


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Interestingly, we already know a lot of what Google has planned for Android 12L. It’s an update primarily focused around large-screen foldables and tablets, which is why Google has partnered with Lenovo to launch the first developer preview. In its current state, there’s not a whole lot that can be tested on regular smartphones. Android 12L doesn’t do much aside from adjusting the layout of multiple system interfaces in order to take advantage of larger displays with a screen width greater than 600dp, meaning that you’ll need a tablet to see them.

Android 12L Developer Preview 1’s changelog is pretty short as a result, and it’s stuff that we’ve already seen documented.

  • The first large screen optimized Android OS with new APIs for application developers to provide a better app usage experience in landscape mode, including easier multitasking, system UI optimization and more.
  • Security patch updated to 2021-11-01

If you’re an average user, there’s no real reason to install this developer preview yet. It will likely have bugs and other problems, not to mention that the install process itself is painful. You need to make sure your P12 Pro is the Wi-Fi edition only, and installing Android 12L will wipe your device. Not only that but there’s a pretty long list of problems right now, too.

  • ‘Copy apps& data’ in OOBE is not supported.
  • Fingerprint unlock is not supported
  • Face Unlock is not supported
  • TOF sensor related function is removed
  • Stylus key function is not supported but basic function works
  • Touchpad functions with two fingers are not supported
  • Touchpad swipe up/down/left/right with 3 or 4 fingers are not supported
  • Miracast function is not supported
  • Screen output via cable (extended screen) can be supported when force desktop mode> is turned on in developer menu.
  • Cast Via HDMI (extended screen) can be supported when <force desktop mode> is turned on in developer menu.
  • VPN is not tested and may not work properly
  • WIDI is not supported
  • Please manually connect keyboard to your device via bluetooth to display battery info of keyboard in Settings.

You can rollback using Lenovo’s official rollback tool, but again, that will also wipe data on your device, and it requires a Windows operating system to run. If you want to try out Android 12L on your Lenovo P12 Pro, then you can check out the official developer site to learn how to install it.

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