Android 12L features are coming soon to your Galaxy Z Fold 3

Android 12L features are coming soon to your Galaxy Z Fold 3

On Wednesday, Google officially detailed Android 12L, a special version of Android 12 optimized for large-screen devices. Android 12L represents a big step forward for foldables, tablets, and large screen Android devices, enabling features like a two-column layout for notification shade and lockscreen, an improved multitasking experience, and more. Although Android 12L won’t be publically out until Q1 2022, Google says many Android 12L features will be coming “soon” to your Galaxy Z Fold 3.

“For foldables, you’ll see many of these features including Activity Embedding coming soon to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3,” Google said during the presentation.


Among the features that will be making their way to Samsung’s latest foldable (via 9to5Google) is Activity Embedding. As Google describes, “Activity embedding lets you take advantage of the extra display area of large screens by showing multiple activities at once, such as for the List-Detail pattern, and it requires little or no refactoring of your app.”

Activity Embedding essentially allows apps to show multiple activities simultaneously to take advantage of the extra real screen estate of foldable and tablets. Developers can determine how they want to display app activities — side-by-side or stacked — using an XML configuration file or Jetpack WindowManager API calls. If you’re an app developer and want to support Activity Embedding in your app, you can learn more about the feature here.

Samsung recently announced that it would soon release a One UI 4 beta based on Android 12 for the Galaxy Fold 3. It’s possible the beta release will include some of the Android 12L features.

While currently, you can only try out Android 12L through an emulator, Google says the new software will soon be making its way to real devices such as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Lenovo P12 Pro. The first beta of Android 12L is coming in December, and there will be two more beta releases before the official public release around March.

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