Android 13’s new clipboard editor overlay rolls out with first beta release

Android 13’s new clipboard editor overlay rolls out with first beta release

Google rolled out the second Android 13 Developer Preview release for its Pixel devices early last month. The update introduced a couple of user-facing changes and several new features for developers. In addition, it included a couple of hidden features, like a new clipboard popup that helped users easily edit text and images before pasting. This new clipboard popup was disabled by default in the second developer preview release, but it’s now rolling out with the first Android 13 beta builds.

Google started rolling out Android 13 Beta 1 to its Pixel devices yesterday. As noted in our original coverage, the first beta build brings more granular permissions for media file access, better error reporting in Keystore and KeyMint, and anticipatory audio routing. Along with these features, the beta build introduces new color and theming options for the Wallpaper & style app on Pixel phones and new animations for media controls.


As mentioned earlier, Android 13 Beta 1 also includes the new clipboard editor overlay that was spotted in the second developer preview release. It pops up in the bottom left corner of the display when you copy text, images, or other content to the system clipboard. If the clipboard content is an image, the pop-up shows a tiny image preview, and if it’s text, it displays the first few words.

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As shown in the attached screenshots, the pop-up also has an edit button, which lets you modify the clipboard’s contents without needing to paste them into an editor first. The edit button opens up the Markup application for images and a lightweight text editor for text. The clipboard overlay shows another button if there’s a suggested action available for the copied content. For example, when you copy a URL, a button to open it in Google Chrome shows up, and if you copy an address, you’ll see a button to open it in Google Maps.

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Source: Esper

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