Android 13 DP1 for some Pixel devices includes a Camera Obfuscator app

Android 13 DP1 for some Pixel devices includes a Camera Obfuscator app

Google has finally released the first Android 13 developer preview build for its Pixel devices. The update packs a host of new features and changes that will make their way to users with the next major Android upgrade, including new APIs, developer tools, new Quick Settings tiles, and more. In addition, Android 13 DP1 for some Pixel devices also packs a Camera Obfuscator app that Google hasn’t mentioned in its announcement post.

According to Android Police, the Camera Obfuscator app is preinstalled in Android 13 DP1 for the Pixel 6. It appears to be an image-sharing app that lets users strip all metadata from shared images, but it’s intended for internal Google use only. As Android Police explains, the app can open images or receive an intent for a shared image and then obfuscate it. While stripping metadata from a shared image, the app also shows a progress bar that says “Obfuscating image.”


As shown in the attached screenshots, users can either obfuscate images from within the Camera Obfuscator app before sharing or open the share menu on a different app, like Google Photos or Gallery, pick Camera Obfuscator from the share sheet, and then obfuscate the image.

Screenshots: Android Police

On the surface, obfuscating an image using the app removes all metadata from an image. But Android Police speculates that it could be doing more behind the scenes, like stripping out other data found in JPEG files. Interestingly, the Camera Obfuscator app isn’t available in all Android 13 DP1 images. As mentioned earlier, it is available on Google’s flagship Pixel 6, but not on the Pixel 4 or the Pixel 4a 5G.

At the moment, we don’t have any further information about the Camera Obfuscator app. But the idea behind it is rather simple. It helps Googlers share images with family and friends without leaking info about upcoming camera features or other changes. Since Google accidentally included it in the first Android 13 developer preview release, we believe that the company could be working on new camera features for its Pixel lineup.

It’s worth mentioning that the Camera Obfuscator app is likely not related to Android 13, even though it’s the first time we’ve seen it. Mishaal Rahman says that Google has used it internally before, but the company doesn’t usually ship it in production builds.

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