Android 13’s Foreground Services (FGS) Task Manager will let you stop foreground services from the notifications drawer

Android 13’s Foreground Services (FGS) Task Manager will let you stop foreground services from the notifications drawer

Google started seeding the second Android 13 developer preview release late last week. At the time, the company highlighted some of the new features and changes included in the release. However, it did not shed light on all the changes. We’ve already taken a look at a few such changes, including the updated media controls, output picker redesign, new clipboard popup, and UI changes for Android on PCs, over the last few days. And, in this post, we’ll take a look at another useful feature spotted in the second Android 13 developer preview build that will let users easily stop foreground services from the notifications drawer.


According to Esper, Android 13 DP2 includes a new Foreground Services (FGS) Task Manager. It shows a list of apps currently running a foreground service and lets users stop foreground services regardless of the target SDK version. You can access the list, called Active apps, by swiping down on the notification drawer and tapping on the new icon next to the Settings cog.

Android 13 FGS Task Manager

Credit: Google

As you can see in the attached screenshots, the new icon shows the number of apps running services in the foreground. Tapping on it opens a card with the names of the apps, time spent active in the foreground, and a Stop button. You can tap on the Stop button to stop the foreground service. It’s worth noting that stopping an app via the FGS Task Manager doesn’t have the same effect as closing an app from the recents screen or using the “Force stop” option in settings. The following table highlights the differences between these three actions.

Differences between closing apps from FGS Task Manager, Recents, and Force Stop

Credit: Google

Esper further notes that the FGS Task Manager will push a notification when an app’s foreground service has been running for at least 20 hours within a 24-hour period. The notification will prompt users to interact with the FGS Task Manager. It will read: “[app] is running in the background for a long time. Tap to review.” However, this notification will not appear if the foreground service is of type FOREGROUND_SERVICE_TYPE_MEDIA_PLAYBACK or FOREGROUND_SERVICE_TYPE_LOCATION.

It’s worth mentioning that system-level apps and safety apps holding the ROLE_EMERGENCY role will be exempt from appearing in the FGS Task Manager. The same will hold true for all apps when the device is in demo mode. In addition, users will not be able to close a few apps even if they appear in the FGS Task Manager. These include device owner apps, profile owner apps, persistent apps, and apps that have the ROLE_DIALER role.

You can learn more about the new foreground services task manager by heading to the source link below.

Source: Google
Via: Esper

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