Android 13 may introduce bedtime dark mode scheduling

Android 13 may introduce bedtime dark mode scheduling

Android 13 is coming soon, and the most recent developer preview has already revealed more of what Google has in store for us. There are new PC features, updated media controls, and a whole lot more that’s going on under the hood as well. Now we’re getting a sneak peek at what could be an upcoming feature currently in testing, and it’s the ability to schedule system-wide dark mode to turn on when you’re going to sleep.

As reported by Esper, users may soon be able to activate dark mode on a schedule associated with their bedtime. On devices with Google Play Services installed, this will typically be defined by Google’s Digital Wellbeing. It’s not enabled by default, but users can toggle the feature flag “settings_app_allow_dark_theme_activation_at_bedtime” to enable it and test it out.


A common reason that people like to use system-wide dark mode is to prevent their eyes from hurting when using a smartphone in the dark. Even on the lowest brightness, it can sometimes be too bright when in incredibly dark environments — the darkest of which is probably when going to sleep. From the above screenshots, we can also see that Google might intend on offering other options too, including setting a custom time or with sunrise and sunset.

We’ll need to wait and see if this feature actually makes it to the final Android 13 release, as it can be the case that Google is just testing this out for now. It mightn’t be ready for the final Android 13 release, or Google may find bugs or other problems with it that renders it unfinished. So far, Android 13 has a lot of interesting features that Google appears to be testing at the moment.

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Source: Esper

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