Android 2.2.1 Update Appears for Nexus One

Android 2.2.1 Update Appears for Nexus One

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Google’s flagship device, the Nexus One, is always the first phone to receive the latest software updates. It was the first to obtain the initial over-the-air update to Android 2.2 (Froyo) and this update provided the basis for much development and discussion across the site.

This week, Google have demonstrated that they are still interested in keeping the Nexus One in the limelight. A previously manual-install-only update has recently become available OTA for the phone which boosts its ‘Android version’ number to an intriguing 2.2.1. Although exact details on changes introduced within the update remain unclear, it is generally believed that its purpose is to fix the bugs and gripes that have been reported by users since the original Froyo update.

Interestingly, Google has also released the 2.2.1 source code to the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP), making it available for a range of native and non-native Android devices. You can expect to see custom ROMs appearing soon, which are based on the new version.

Download the update package here or follow discussion about the update in this thread.