Android 3.0 SDK Officially Released

Android 3.0 SDK Officially Released

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It looks like Google decided to give us all a better taste of Honeycomb as they have officially released the SDK for Android 3.0. Basically, this will allow you to run an emulated version of the Operating System on your computer. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg as most of our devs have already put their hands into trying to make the most out of this by porting the SDK image to several devices including the EVO, Nexus One, Desire, and a few more that are still under heavy development. As with any SDK port, most features will not work right out of the box and the OS will be rather laggy, regardless of the device that this is being ported to.

Don’t get discouraged though because the release of the SDK is normally the prelude to the release of the much more useful sources (AOSP), which are likely going to hit sometime soon due to the first devices with Honeycomb being shipped right now (Motorola Xoom, which goes for sale tomorrow 2/24/2011).

If you are unaware of what the OS looks like, or its capabilities, we strongly suggest that you visit the Android Developers official page, which will give you everything from download to installation instructions, to tips and tricks to start developing for this new OS.

Happy Porting!!!

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