Android 5.0 Leaked for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Android 5.0 Leaked for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Android Lollipop is still making its way to many new devices. Firmware updates have been already pushed by Motorola, LG, and Samsung. Most of these updates have been officially released by these OEMs, and another device that should get an official update pretty soon is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, as a Lollipop firmware build has leaked.

The update for the Note 3 SM-N9005 (N9505XXUGBNL8) comes in at 1.1 GB, and it brings the Android 5.0 experience and re-designed Touchwiz front-end. The update process is pretty straightforward, but XDA Recognized Contributor mithun46 created a nice guide showing how to flash the leaked firmware on Windows OS. To flash the image, you need to use the newest version of Odin (version 3.09). During the flash, the /data partition will get erased, so ensure that you have made a copy of your most important data to avoid rather unpleasing surprise. You should also make a backup of your PIT partition, Mithun46 provided relevant ADB commands required to create a backup properly.

Android 5.0 uses a new compiler – ART, which makes the device incompatible with Xposed Framework. The first boot process is also significantly longer, so don’t panic if your device takes longer to start. If everything goes well, you should be greeted by Android 5.0’s start-up wizard.

If you have an SM-N9005 and would like to use Android 5.0 on it, make your way to the guide thread to learn more.