Android Lollipop Brings Big Changes for SD Cards

Android Lollipop Brings Big Changes for SD Cards

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Google decided to reduce the importance of SD cards with the release of Ice Cream Sandwich. Since then, Nexus devices have been been distributed without SD card slots and with limited internal memory. This hasn’t been convenient to many, so other OEMs like HTC or Samsung were selling their phones with inbuilt microSD card slots.

It appears that Google’s changed its policy regarding SD cards and created a new API to give more freedom to developers. With Lollipop, applications can now access the entire SD card, thanks to the ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE intent. Naturally, the choice will be given to user, but having richer access for certain applications may bring some potentially very useful apps.

Giving wider access to applications might be especially useful for camera apps, sound recorders, and so on, because other applications will have easier access to content that has been created. This should also save you the headache when your SD card decides to stop working or crash your apps.

Soon, we should see file managers with richer features, which will also spare developers from implementing messy hacks in order to make their application work with external SD cards. Android Lollipop is still at a very early stage and only very limited range of devices have it, but soon we should see whether these methods work in practice or not.

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