Android 5.1.1, TWRP And CWM Come To Mi Note

Android 5.1.1, TWRP And CWM Come To Mi Note

As frequent readers will know, my daily driver is a Xiaomi Mi Note. However, up until now, that has necessitated the use of MIUI, a bloated and poorly translated build of Android. That was until popular MIUI forum member @秋叶随风 known as ‘Ivan’ released 5.1.1 for the device. Along side the ROM came the release of TWRP and CWM.


The ROM itself is exactly as you would expect from a basic Android build, just a few apps, fast and no unnecessary changes. The Dual-sim support worked fine for me but some users have reported that when switching data from one sim to another, they had to turn airplane mode on/off before they could continue downloading. The build of TWRP included in the thread is in Chinese, although if you are familiar with TWRP this shouldn’t matter for basic functions. Also included is an English version of CWM that claims to include working dual boot.



Known bugs:
1. If there is no response when switching data vice-versa, temporarily try switching on airplane mode and off to solve the problem.
2. As for now, taking pictures while recording in 4k resolution video is not possible. However, 1080p works well.
3. There will be no response upon entering system sensor for the first time, reboot your phone to solve this matter.

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If you would like to flash this ROM (you won’t regret it) head over to the MIUI forum:
Android 5.1.1 and TWRP can be found here,
CWM can be found here.


Have you flashed the ROM? Leave a comment below!


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