Android 6.0 Marshmallow Named! ZUK + Cyanogen Partnership and More! – XDA TV

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Named! ZUK + Cyanogen Partnership and More! – XDA TV

It’s Friday, August 21, 2015, and let’s talk about what happened this week over at

First up, the big news we’ve been waiting to hear about for several months, Google has finally unveiled the statue and the new name for the next version of Android. Android M is now going to be officially called Marshmallow. Additionally, instead of being called Android 5 dot something they’re moving on up to the 6.0 label. All of these things really don’t effect anything, it’s just labeling, naming. But it is nice to know. And of course to go along with that they’ve gone ahead and released their final developer preview for all the Nexus devices as well as an SDK for Android 6.0.

Moving right along the Android One Initiative is now officially coming to Africa. The first device they’re going to be launching is called the Infinix Hot 2. And it’s going to be available in physical stores in Nigeria and online in Egypt, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Kenya and Morocco. There are two different versions of the Hot 2 for the equivalent of about $87 and $97. They’ve got some pretty decent low end specs. To go along with the launch of this device forums for the Hot 2 have been added to XDA.

Oxygen OS version 1.0.2 has officially been released addressing the StageFright bug. So if you’re a user of the OnePlus One or a user of Oxygen OS you may want to head over to their forum and pull down the latest update.

In a bit of very exciting news, ZUK, the company behind the ZUK Z1 announced this week that they are going to be partnering up with Cyanogen for the international version of the Z1. We are going to have a lot more information coming out about the ZUK Z1. I’m probably going to be making a dedicated video about the event that I’m going to. If you have any questions, definitely let us know.

Moving on to the forum though, user scritch007 has managed to port CyanogenMod over to the 2015 Moto G. According to the port on the portal, everything seems to be working pretty well with it. If you’re a user of the 2015 Moto G, you may want to head over to his forum thread.

XDA Recognized Developer Sultanxda has figured out a way to get the OnePlus One to record in 2k resolution using the front facing camera. Which is something that pretty much no other phone can do at this point. It doesn’t work with every single camera app, it’s not a mod that changes everything on the phone. It only works with the Snapdragon camera app that is included with the mod. But if you’re a OnePlus One user and you’ve been dying for some better front facing video, you may want to take a look at this.

XDA Recognized Contributor wanam has put out a new build of Xposed. Specifically, to make it work with the Samaung Galaxy S6 variants. As well as any of the upcoming ARM 64 based Samsung devices. So that’s definitely some exciting news there.

Speaking of Xposed, XDA Senior Member tabp0le has put together an guide showing you how to install Xposed on you LG G4. From the thread there is a list of devices that are confirmed to be working. If you have one of these devices and you want to get Xposed running on it, you may want to check out his thread.

While you’re hacking away at your LG G4, XDA member Usraek has put together a mod to help you boost the volume on the G4. The article itself mentions using it with earphones, it doesn’t mention the speaker itself. I’m going to assume it only works for earphones. I used my G4 on the plane with no real issues. I’m probably not going to be doing this myself. But, if you’ve used headphones on your G4 and they’re just not loud enough for you, you may want to take a look at that one.

Finally, to wrap things up another video went up on XDA TV this week. A video that I worked on before I came here to China. It’s the first in a series of videos talking about What are the best phones you can get for less than $100. So if that’s something you’re interested in, definitely check out the link down in the video description.

But that’s going to be all from me for today. I have a long conference filled day, and I’ll hopefully be providing you with a lot of updates from that. You can check out my daily vlogging channel down in the video description. You can see all the things that are going on behind the scenes that you don’t get to see in these videos. Remember if you liked this video to leave a like down below, and subscribe to receive our content as soon as it becomes available. I’ll see you next time.

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