Android Accessibility Suite 9.0 rolls out with new multi-finger gestures for UI control

Android Accessibility Suite 9.0 rolls out with new multi-finger gestures for UI control

Google offers a host of accessibility features on Android to help users with various disabilities, and the company keeps adding new features to the Accessibility Suite ever so often. This year in May, the company released Android Accessibility Suite v8.2, with a new TalkBack Braille keyboard for the visually impaired. Now, with Android Accessibility Suite v9.0, the company is rolling out multi-finger gesture support for better UI control.

The latest version of Android Accessibility Suite v9.0 has already started rolling out to users via the Play Store, and it includes support for multi-finger gestures. However, the feature is currently hidden within the TalkBack Developer settings.


To enable multi-finger gestures on your device, update to the latest version of the Android Accessibility Suite from the Play Store link below. Once you’ve installed the update, navigate to the Accessibility option in your device settings. Here, tap on TalkBack and then select Settings on the following page. Scroll down in the TalkBack settings and then tap on the Developer settings option. Then tap on the toggle next to “enable multi-finger gestures.”

After you’ve followed the steps mentioned above, you’ll be able to find the multi-finger gestures within “Gestures” under the “Navigation” option of the main TalkBack settings page. The feature supports a host of multi-finger gestures, including two/three-finger tap, two/three-finger double-tap, two/three-finger swipe (up, down, left, right), and more. The gestures will allow you to perform various actions, including pause feedback, play/pause media, scroll, open global context menu, start selection mode, and more.

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