Android Auto Testing Upcoming Calendar Event Cards

Android Auto Testing Upcoming Calendar Event Cards

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Earlier this month, Android Police did an APK teardown of the latest version of Android Auto. This was version 2.5 specifically, and in it they saw some code that pointed to a new feature for the application.

These APK teardown typically reveal some unannounced features that the development team is currently working on, but it doesn’t mean they will always be pushed to the public. However, the only feature revealed in this APK teardown looks to be exactly what the company is testing right now.

It was revealed that Google could start allowing Android Auto to integrate with your Calendar application. This is actually a feature that makes a ton of sense when you think about it too. This is something that can be easily dismissed if you’re headed some place that you’re familiar with. However, this will be incredibly convenient for those times where you are on your way to an appointment that is completely new to you and you would be pulling up the navigation map for it anyway.

As mentioned, these features found in APK teardowns don’t always make it as a feature and sometimes get pulled, but it looks like Google is testing this feature in the current version right now. However, this is something that can be manually enabled, which is what our very own Mishaal Rahman was able to do.

Once he enabled it, Android Auto sent a notification to the device about getting directions to the next appointment. Tapping on it takes us to a splash screen for Android Auto where it explains why it wants access to the Calendar permission. Tapping on Continue brings up the permission request, but we also have the ability to ignore it by simply tapping on Exit. I appreciate that Google is giving us the option and not forcing it like some 3rd-party application developers do.

Once the permission has been granted, you should see event cards for upcoming appointments that you can tap into and pull up navigation directions for.