Android Auto head units finally get Google Maps satellite view

Android Auto head units finally get Google Maps satellite view

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Sattelite view is one of the few available viewing modes in Google Maps on various platforms. Android, iOS and web versions of the service all have a support for it. But, surprisingly, Android Auto has never had the feature. We don’t really know the reason behind that, but Android Auto just got satellite view on Google Maps.

Previously, Google Maps on Android Auto used the basic “Map” view, which is a solid background with just roads, building outlines, and some simple landscape features. It’s a clean look that makes the map very easy to read. As the name implies, the Satellite view uses images from satellites to give you a detailed look at the surroundings. This can be helpful when you’re looking for landmarks while navigating.

Default Map view

Please keep in mind that satellite view will definitely use more data than other modes, despite the fact that 3D buildings are not enabled yet. Google Maps has to download the high-resolution images as you move along. If you’re going on a long trip, that will rack up a lot of data. The feature should be live for everyone already. You can check the settings on your head unit to choose which map view you want to use.

Source: Android Police