Google announces new Android Auto features, Google apps on Volvo infotainment systems

Google announces new Android Auto features, Google apps on Volvo infotainment systems

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Google I/O 2018 is coming up on us fast with the first day of the event taking place tomorrow (5/8). We’ll be there to share all of the new announcements made, but Google is getting a jump start on things with a sneak peek at some changes happening to Android Auto in the near future. This ranges from some new visual templates to media search enhancements and even support for group messaging and RCS. Google will still have some new information to reveal about Android Auto later this week, but here are some of the more important changes to the platform.

We know that the internal development team has been working on an updated version of Material Design. Some have referred to this as Material Design 2.0 and while it may not actually carry that name, we are expecting to see some changes to the Material Design guidelines made official. So it makes sense that Google wants to include some new visual templates to Android Auto that will place browsable content front and center when an application is opened so you can quickly and easily start the task you’re wanting.

The next big change tries to improve the search feature within applications, as it’s never a good idea for you to be shifting your focus away from the road for an extended period of time. With these new media search enhancements that Google has announced, media applications will be able to integrate their results directly into Android Auto. Similar to the new visual templates, it’s believed that this change will allow drivers to quickly discover media that they’re actively looking for.

Texting while driving is never a good idea, but being able to handle things with voice commands minimizes the downsides of this action. So to enhance the messaging experience on Android Auto, the platform will begin supporting both group messages as well as RCS. The last thing we wanted to touch on is a new partnership with Volvo. Their future infotainment system will include Google Maps, Google Assistant, and even the Play Store. So you won’t even need Android Auto to use Google apps.

Source: Android Developers Blog